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At Saxion, we believe it is important for every student and staff member to have a global view. We want to give everyone the opportunity of an intercultural and international experience, either abroad or at Saxion. On this page you can find out more about internationalisation, the opportunities it offers you and our international collaborations.

Why internationalisation?

The world is becoming increasingly international. This means students need to be more internationally orientated, have intercultural skills and be able to contribute to solving the challenges of our time. This is why the internationalising of education is crucial in a world where boundaries are blurring and cultural diversity is becoming the norm.

Saxion strives to have a rich international learning and work environment. This international orientation gives you, as a student or staff member, the opportunity to broaden your horizons, develop new skills, expand your network and make a meaningful contribution to resolving global issues. There are a wide range of opportunities available for international study or work experience thanks to for example, the Erasmus+ programme, the European universities’ network E³UDRES² and global partnerships.

Our international opportunities

Fancy going abroad during your studies? Well, you can. Saxion’s study programmes offer lots of opportunities for gaining international experience. You can spend a semester studying at one of our 400 partner universities while obtaining recognised study credits there. You can do this within Europe through the Erasmus+ programme, or you can take part in an exchange programme with one of our partners outside Europe. You can also choose to do an internship abroad. This gives you the opportunity to experience the work culture in another country. 

International experience gained during your study programme is highly regarded by employers. It is certainly a plus for your CV. Although you don’t always have to go abroad. At Saxion you can also improve your intercultural skills within your existing study programme. For example by working in teams alongside international students, being taught by international guest lecturers or by taking part in international research or projects.

You can also choose for a short-term stay abroad. In E³UDRES² you can participate in hackathons, boot camps and iLivingLabs, where you collaborate with students from different countries on societal issues.

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As Saxion employee you can gain new skills abroad. Every year there are lecturers who teach at a partner university, staff who visit an international congress or do 'job shadowing' at another educational institution. This provides enrichment, both on a professional and personal level.

You can get financing through Erasmus+ for educational activities or training programmes at a partner university in Europe.

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Saxion has an extensive network of partner institutions worldwide. We can offer our students and staff an international learning and work experience thanks to having more than 400 partner universities in 57 countries. We also welcome students from our partners every year who come for an exchange semester or lecturers who come and give guest lectures.

Internationalisation however, constitutes more than exchanging students and staff. We also work on developing strong international ties in the fields of education, research, innovation and entrepreneurship. We continue to build a strong network through cooperation and knowledge sharing. In doing so we give you, as a student or member of staff, the opportunity to develop further in an international setting.


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