You've applied for your favourite study programme and now you're looking for accommodation. That's exciting! Below, we have summed up some informative facts about the student rooms of our accommodations.

  • Saxion accommodation are located throughout the city – not on-campus, but all within cycling or walking distance from Saxion.
  • The rooms we offer differ in size, are fully furnished and have all the basic facilities, such as a bed, table, chair and wardrobe. You will be assigned a single room and you will have to share the facilities like kitchen and bathroom with other international Saxion students. The common facilities are shared by a maximum of 7 students.
  • In some dormitory buildings, students share the same front door with more students but the common facilities are set on max. 7 students per cooker/per toilet/per shower.
  • Each room has a standard set of bed linen, consisting of a duvet, duvet cover, sheet, pillow and a pillow case. You will need to bring your own towels. The kitchen has a standard inventory with pots, pans and basic cutlery.
  • It goes without saying that internet is provided in all of our accommodation buildings. In most cases you will need your Saxion login details (Saxion student number and connection password) to access the internet.
  • Besides the above mentioned inventory, a washing machine and vacuum cleaner are also present in the accommodation. Caretakers are available if you need help with all housing-related issues.

Saxion student Eva gives you an impression of one of our student buildings at Ariënsplein, Enschede. Get a virtual taste of what the atmosphere is like! 

This building at Ariënsplein is one of the Saxion accommodation buildings in Enschede, and was opened in 2018. In total, Saxion reserved 113 rooms in this building for international students. Curious where the Ariënsplein is located? A quick search on Google maps can tell you more! 

We have another accommodation building in Enschede at the Roelof van Schevenstraat which is about 3km from Saxion main building. In this building Saxion reserved 56 rooms divided over 14 apartments. Google maps can show you the way.

Get a sneak peek of our our student accommodation in Deventer, by checking out this video! 

The Heights building was opened in 2014. In total,  Saxion reserved 120 rooms in this building. Curious where the Heights is located? A quick search on Google maps can tell you more!