You might decide to arrange your own housing. This, unfortunately, can be challenging. To help you to get started, we have collected practical information for you.

Arranging your own accommodation

In case you are going to arrange your own housing please make sure you do start in time, in order to avoid stress and disapointment. It can be challenging to arrange your own accommodation. 

Next to this, it is important to arrange an official rental agreement. This is one of the conditions for living and getting registered in the Netherlands.

Learn more about student housing

It's common in the Netherlands to arrange your student accommodation via online platforms. Examples of these platforms are Roomspot for housing in Enschede and Room for housing in Deventer. Both websites are available in English and will give you the opportunity to search for your student accommodation. 

As for Enschede in particular, you could have a look at Xior (Saxion does not have a reservation code, for information you should e-mail or SU Twente (a student platform). 

For Enschede you can also check the pages of the Dutch Student Union (LSVB)


There are plenty of other website and platform that can help you during your search. Please be aware of the fact that some might require a registration fee!* 

Examples of these website are Camelot, Direct Wonen, Domica, Kamertje, Kamernet, Pararius, Huurwoningen (Dutch only) and VSP (Dutch only)

*Disclaimer: Saxion does not endorse or recommend any specific housing agency, landlord or any individual property owner. Saxion does not inspect any of the accommodation listed and does not accept any liability for any of the accommodation advertised in the above mentioned sites.


You could make use of your network and get in touch with current Saxion students. Perhaps they can help you further! If you are attending the student onboarding programme, you can for example reach out to other current and future students. Or discover the tips & tricks on our platform IntoSaxion about housing. 

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Tips and tricks for starting your housing hunt

We have gathered some tips and tricks for you for starting your search for a student accommodation. These tips and tricks can help you ease your search.