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What is Goin'? 

The app Goin' is a social platform for new students at Saxion. This is where you come in contact with other (international) students from the Saxion community. In Goin', you can join smaller groups with a shared interest and make your own community. From workouts, soccer, yoga or vegan cooking, to LGBTQ+ students, or music, concerts and the best parties in your student city. Basically, just what suits you best! Besides the communities, the app also contains events so you don't miss out on whats happening near you!

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Join the Saxion community in Goin' with the code 84513

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I'm loving the experience of Goin' so far. It kills the anxiety I have about being alone in a foreign country. The people I've interacted with so far are amazing!

Beatrice from Uganda


Download the Goin' app on your phone via the App Store and use this link to access the Saxion community. Use the code 84513 to access the Saxion community.

Goin' is created to be an online community for all new students (both internationals and Dutch) who are going to follow a full-time course. In this way, you can get to know new people and start your social life in the Netherlands!

I believe the app relieves a lot of stress when it comes to questions such as "how will I make friends?", "I don't know anyone there, how will I settle down?". It honestly helped quite a lot. I'm not as nervous as I originally was and it has reassured me that my choice of studying abroad was the correct one."

Artemis from Greece