Together we'll prepare you for a smooth landing at Saxion

Starting your studies abroad is an exciting and wonderful opportunity. However, studying abroad requires you to prepare and arrange a wide range of matters. But don't worry, together we'll prepare you for a smooth landing at Saxion. Join our student onboarding platform for free and kick-off the start of your studies well prepared.

How to start?

We have created a guide for you, so you can learn more about all the different elements of our onboarding platform.


Infoclips to get you started

The Netherlands might become your new place to live and study. Taking the big leap and moving to another country can be exciting. That's why we like to help you prepare for your new life as a student. Discover more about our country and culture, or find out what's it like to be living in our student cities Apeldoorn, Deventer or Enschede. 

And the first tip we can already give you to adapt to the student life here, is that you probably need to have a bike ;) 

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We can imagine that after you have decided to follow a study programme at Saxion, you want to start your studies as soon as possible. But there are first a few things you'll need to arrange as an international student. Think of (Saxion) Housing, your (health) insurance, immigration procedures. Or maybe you want to apply for a scholarship? Check out our video's and keep an eye on all the startersinformation. 

Check the video's

We have gathered a list with video's for you from the BBC that may help you with your study skills. Check out the video's and get ready to kick start your study.

Check the video's
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Meet your future friends

Our Goin' app gives you the possibility to connect online and offline with other future students at Saxion. Find your future friends before you start your studies. You can install the app now!
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Get a student buddy

The onboarding platform gives you the possibility to get connected to our student buddies.* These student buddies can help you to develop the tools you need to get adjusted to life in the Netherlands and the education system at Saxion. All our student buddies are experienced international students who went through the same transition and started their studies abroad as you’re about to do. So they know exactly what they are talking about and what kind of support you might need!

*You can only get connected to a student buddy if you have been accepted (under condition) to our of Saxion's programmes. Not accepted (yet), but still want to talk to a student? Check the information about IntoSaxion below. 

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Do you have any questions about studying at Saxion? You can find the experiences about studying and studentlife from our current students on our platform IntoSaxion. Besides that, the platform allows you to ask your questions quickly and digital to our students. The platform is created by students, for students. So you can interact and be informed about Saxion from the perspective of our current students. 


Get in touch with our International Office

We try to answer as many questions as we can by providing information on our website. However, studying and moving abroad can be challenging and you might need support. The support officers from our International Office are here to help you with with all your questions regarding your application, (Saxion) housing, insurance, immigration procedures and other international related matters

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                       Starters information

Looking for information about the start of your studies, such as your timetable, book lists and info about the introduction week? Then this is the place to be! Below you can search for all important information from your study programme and all general information you may need. 

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