Together we'll prepare you for a smooth landing at Saxion

Welcome to the student onboarding platform. This is the starting point for you to find all the information you need to study at Saxion. Let's start together!

Where to start?

We have created a detailed manual for you, so you can keep all the important information and track your progress with a checklist.

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Starters information

Want to know what books to buy, check your class schedule, see the material you need to acquire to start your studies or when is your first class? This search bar is the place! 

Starters information

Workshops and events

Check the upcoming events. From finding housing to managing your finances and meeting your future classmates, we'll help you to get ready.

Save the dates!

Step 1: before moving to the Netherlands

Step 2: arriving in the Netherlands

Step 3: getting ready to study

Do you have questions?

Wether you have questions about your preferred study programme or need help with practical matters like housing, Visa or application, we got you!


Get a student buddy

Once you are admitted, you can request a student buddy. Student buddies provide personal guidance to get adjusted to life in the Netherlands and the education system at Saxion. 

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Meet your future friends

Our Goin' app gives you the possibility to connect online and offline with other future students at Saxion. Find your future friends before you start your studies!

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