Before you start

Before traveling to the Netherlands We bet you can't wait to start your studies! But there are first a few things you'll need to take into account as an international student. We have gathered for you the practical matters and information you need to know. So you can start your studies fully prepared!

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Student life in the Netherlands

The Netherlands might become your new place to live and study. Want to know more about student life in the Netherlands?
Yes please!

1. Be aware about your legal stay

The International Office will arrange the Visa and Residence Permit for NON-EU students. Before travelling to the Netherlands they will inform you about the steps to take to arrange your Visa. After arriving in the Netherlands, they will inform you via e-mail about your biometrics that need to be taken, and after that, the picking up of your Residence Permit in Zwolle. 


2. Register at the City Hall  

Everyone who lives in the Netherlands for longer than three months, is obliged to register at City Hall with your Dutch address. Approximately one or two weeks after you are registered, City Hall will send you a letter by postal mail that includes your BSN number. You will receive more information about registration at City Hall after your arrival. 

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3. Think about whether you would like to work

Having some extra money to cover your living costs can be a good idea, right? A good way to make that happen is to get a job. Employment in the Netherlands comes with certain conditions for both non-EU and EU-students. Dive into the topic of working in the Netherlands!

Check the conditions

4. It's all about the money

Make sure you are able to make payments via a debit card, credit card or bring a very small amount of cash, during and upon arrival in the Netherlands. Be aware, some stores in the Netherlands might not accept foreign debit or credit cards. Once you are in the Netherlands, you can open a Dutch Bank Account. The Dutch Bank Account will be very convenient for you during your live and studies in the Netherlands.


5. Make sure you're insured

Dutch law requires every citizen to be insured for health care. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are properly insured during your stay in the Netherlands. 

Insurance information
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6. Check out the healthcare information for students

Find out about healthcare information in the Netherlands, what medical care you are eligible for and what is available. 

Stay healthy

7. Traveling to the Netherlands and COVID-19

Students traveling to the Netherlands from abroad need to take into account the regulations set by the Dutch government, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

COVID-19 checklist