Housing for International Students in the Netherlands

Arrival in the Netherlands

Collecting your room keys can only take place if you arrive during office hours (9:00 - 17:00), so please arrange your flight/arrival on a working day (Monday - Friday) and make sure you arrive before 15:00 at the latest at Schiphol airport.

Please inform us with your exact date and time of arrival. We would like to be informed at least one week in advance so we can inform you about where to collect the keys and it gives us time to prepare your room. You can inform us by filling out the Arrival form below.

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 situation we cannot offer you the Schiphol pick-up service by bus. This means that you need to travel to the accommodation by yourself. If you arranged housing via Saxion, you can submit your arrival information via the arrival form below. In the video below we will explain to you how public transportation in the Netherlands works and you will find more information below the video.

Travel to Saxion by train

You will arrive at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam and from this airport you need to take the direct intercity train to Deventer and Enschede. This train leaves one time per hour. At this moment it is mandatory to wear face masks in public transportation, by not doing so you might risk a fine. For more information check this NS webpage

The journey to Deventer will take approx. 1½ hours. The journey to Enschede will take approx. 2 hours and 10 minutes. Most of the Intercity trains have free wifi available, please find more information about wifi on this NS webpage.

For more information, please check the NS' website.

You need to buy a single use chip card at one of the yellow ticket machines with the blue sign and white NS logo across or at the NS Tickets & Service desks. A 2nd class ticket for the train is around € 20,- for Deventer and for Enschede it is around € 25,-.

Please remember to check in before getting into the train and check out. To check-in hold the card once against the NS card reader before entering the platform.

On successful check-in a green light flashes accompanied by a single beeping sound. The card reader displays "Goede reis" (“have a good trip”).

Upon arrival at the train station in Enschede or Deventer you will need to follow the instructions where to collect the keys for your room + contact details. These detailed instructions will be send to you by email 3 working days prior to your arrival. In some cases your accommodation keys are in the accommodation building or it could be you need to collect them from an alternative place. 

Travel to Saxion from Eindhoven Airport by Flixbus

For students travelling from Eindhoven Airport: check out travelling by Flixbus. The Flixbus offers a cheap way of travelling. The price for travelling from Eindhoven to Enschede by Flixbus is from €5,-. The Flixbus doesn’t stop in Deventer.

Mind that the nearest stop is in the city center of Eindhoven, not at the Airport itself. From the Airport you can take the bus to the railway station, this takes about 20 minutes. From the railway station you can walk to the stop of the Flixbus. The Flixbus might arrive in the middle of the night or early mornings. Please keep in mind you cannot collect your keys before 9AM.  

Room availability Semester 2:

Study programme/School

Room availability

Master Programmes (start Sept. 20):

  • Facility and Real Estate Management
  • MA
  • MBA


Depending on your choice:

  • choice 1: per Tuesday 15 December onwards
  • choice 2: per Friday 15 January onwards

Preparatory course Deventer

Per Monday 11 January onwards

Bachelor (incl. short degree programme) + Exchange International Business


Per Thursday 21 January onwards

Other schools/progammes

Per Monday 1 February onwards

Please note: collecting the keys for your room can only take place during working days/working hours (Mon.-Fri 9AM – 4PM). Collecting keys outside office hours is not possible. Saxion is physically closed in the weekends (Sat.-Sun.), please take this into account when preparing your arrival. In case you intend to arrival outside office hours you will need to arrange a hotel (at own expenses) and you can collect your keys the next working day.