Arrival in the Netherlands

Collecting your Saxion room keys  can only take place if you arrive during the office hours of Saxion  from 9:00 - 16:30 CET, so please arrange your flight or arrival on a working day (Monday till Friday) and make sure you arrive well before 15:00 CET at Schiphol airport. In general, you need one hour to go through customs and get your luggage.

Please inform us with your exact date and time of arrival. We would like to be informed at least one week in advance so we can inform you about where to collect the keys and it gives us time to prepare your room. You can inform us completing  this arrival form.

Important arrival information

Travel to Saxion by Saxion bus

For students that made reservations for a room there is a free pick-up service available that brings students from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport to the city where you live (Enschede or Deventer).

Upon your arrival at Schiphol airport, Saxion students will welcome you at the meeting point at Schiphol Plaza (close to Burger King) and accompany you to the Saxion bus. This bus will take you to your accommodation, where you will be met by the care takers who help you to get settled.

Saxion offers this pick up service from the airport on the following days:

  • Tuesday 23 August, dept. 2PM sharp
  • Thursday 25 August, dept. 2PM sharp
  • Friday 26 August, dept. 2PM sharp

When arranging your flight to the Netherlands please do take into consideration that you will at least need 1 hour for collecting your luggage going through customs. If you arrive late we unfortunately cannot wait and you will have to make use of the regular train to travel to Saxion.

If you arrive on alternative dates/times you might consider booking a hotel for the night and still take the bus the next day.

Travel to Saxion by train

You will arrive at Schiphol Amsterdam airport and from this airport you need to take the direct intercity train to Deventer and Enschede. This train leaves one time per hour. 

The journey to Deventer will take approx. 1½ hours. The journey to Enschede will take approx. 2 hours and 10 minutes. Most of the Intercity trains have free wifi available, please find more information about wifi on this NS webpage.

For general information, please check the NS' website.

You need to buy a single use chip card at one of the yellow ticket machines with the blue sign and white NS logo across or at the NS Tickets & Service desks. A 2nd class ticket for the train is around € 22,- for Deventer and for Enschede it is around € 27,-.

Please remember to check in before getting into the train and check out. To check-in hold the card once against the NS card reader before entering the platform.

On successful check-in a green light flashes accompanied by a single beeping sound. The card reader displays "Goede reis" (“have a good trip”).

Upon arrival at the train station in Enschede or Deventer you will need to follow the instructions where to collect the keys for your room + contact details. These detailed instructions will be send to you by email 3 working days prior to your arrival. In some cases your accommodation keys are in the accommodation building or it could be you need to collect them from an alternative place. 

The accommodation buildings Height (Deventer) and Ariensplein (Enschede) are both on walking distance from the train station. The building Roelof van Schevenstraat (Enschede) and the accommodation from De Veste is a bit further away and you will need to take a taxi (own expenses) from the train station.

Travel to Saxion by car

In case you decide to travel to Saxion by car please please follow the instructions in the arrival email which will be send to you about 3 workings before your arrival. In some cases you can go directly to the dormitory building or you need to collect the accommodation keys in an alternative place.

Room availability Semester 1:

All student rooms are available as from Monday 22 August onwards.

Please note: some students might have an alternative starting date due to specific agreements.

Please note: collecting the keys for your room can only take place during working days/working hours (Mon.-Fri 9AM – 4PM). Collecting keys outside office hours is not possible. Saxion is physically closed in the weekends (Sat.-Sun.), please take this into account when preparing your arrival. In case you intend to arrival outside office hours you will need to arrange a hotel (at own expenses) and you can collect your keys the next working day.