Almost 38% of all students have a support need and 14% of them struggle with obstacles during their studytime which leads to having more specific support needs (ECIO, 2023). When you are studying with visual, auditive or physical disabilities or with Dyslexia, AD(H)D, Autism, a temporary or chronical illness, a psychological vulnerability or any other support need, it can take a lot of energy. Also if you are the primary caretaker for familymembers, if you are a parent or if you are in gendertransition we will try to help and support you to make your studytime with us as pleasant as possible in order to study successfully. At Saxion we use the expression Studying with a support need. We are here to help you with information, advice, guidance and fitting adjustments, facilities and regulations.

Why report your support need?

Students often hesitate to report their need for support. The choice to do so is always yours. We know from experience that it has many advantages to report this to your studycoach. Before or at the start of your program you will get the support and facilities you need in order to have egual opportunities to study. During your studytime you have the right to make use of our additional guidance and counselling, adjustments in education and examfacilities such as:

  • Extra examtime;
  • Software that reads your texts;
  • Enlarge the font of examtexts;
  • Special ‘quit’ room to help you from sensory overload
  • Examrooms with less students and stimuli;
  • Studybuddy;
  • Studyskills coaching;
  • Adjustments to your program, such as spreading the studyload

How do I report my support need?

How do I report my support need?
1. Report your support need when applying for your program at You can click on the option ‘support need’.
2. Before Summer holidays you will receive information from us about studying with a support need at Saxion. You always have an option to book an appointment with a student counsellor about your specific needs and about the facilities we offer. The student counsellor supports you with submitting a request for facilities at your program and school.
3. In case you didn’t receive our message (yet), or if you need more information earlier in your application process? Please feel free to contact us and book an appointment. Our Saxion Servicepoint can help you to schedule a meeting with a student counsellor, via:

Contact us
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A meeting about your support need?

You are welcome to have a meeting with a student counsellor in Enschede, Deventer or Apeldoorn or online via Teams. On your request it is always possible to invite your parent(s), a counsellor from your own school or another healthcare professional to this meeting. Meetings will have a maximum duration of one hour and we will discuss whatever you need in order to be able to study as pleasant and successful as possible. In case you need examfacilities based on medical issues, please keep your medical information within reach. Our student counsellor worker is the designated person at Saxion, who works confidential and who is authorized to review this information.


Do you have questions about studying with a support need? Please let us know!

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