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Which apps can help you with studying and working together online? Find an overview of the most useful apps for students here!

At Saxion, we use Office 365 as an online platform. Office 365 gives you access to several useful apps, such as:

  • Outlook for Mail, Agenda, Contact persons and Tasks
  • Teams (working together in groups, sharing files, video calling, online chats etc.)
  • Word Online
  • Excel Online
  • Powerpoint Online
  • OneNote Online (notepad with useful functions)
  • Onedrive (for file storage)

Please find additional information such as instructions and support for Office 365 via Need any help? Please contact our Saxion Servicedesk via +31 (0)88 019 3600.


In order to stay updated and to receive important information, we advise you to regularly check whether you have received an e-mail in your Saxion mail account. This prevents you from missing out on important information from your study course. You can easily fiind your emails by going to MySaxion and then click on 'Outlook' in the main menu.

Onboarding - where.jpg (you can log in with your Saxion student account) is your starting point for your (online) study day at Saxion.

You will find there your email, agenda/schedule (via Xedule) and schedule changes; (urgent) announcements and the latest (course) news; who-is-who: quickly find contact information from fellow students or teachers; information about your course (such as Saxion’s annual planning. There's also explanatory information about all services at Saxion and links to useful applications, such as Bison (subscriptions for exams, exam results and study progress); Blackboard (for course materials and online communication with teachers and Selfserviceportal (for facility/ICT-notifications, requests and manuals).

We want to make sure that your data in the Saxion systems, such as marks or handed-in papers or assignments, is retained as securely as possible. We have taken a number of measures to achieve this. One of these measures is having Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for all Saxion accounts. Also for your account. Please follow the steps via 'more info' before the 15th of September. 

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