Once you have decided to study abroad there are many things you need to arrange and prepare. Finding a place to live is one of the most important things that needs to be arranged before your arrival. Since it is quite difficult to find suitable housing by yourself, Saxion arranges accommodation for all of our first year international students from outside EU/EEA in Deventer, Apeldoorn and Enschede.

In all three cities we have contracts with the local student housing associations. They provide Saxion with accommodation with rooms which may vary in size. The rooms are all single rooms and furnished with basic facilities like bed, desk, chair and cupboard. All accommodations have an internet connection. The bathroom, toilet and kitchen need to be shared with other international Saxion students, max. 6 students share common facilities.

For package fee students (visa-students), including non-European exchange students, it is compulsory to rent the accommodation through Saxion Universities of Applied Sciences during the first academic year. It is not needed to apply for accommodation, this will automatically be arranged for you.

Virtual Tour 'The Heights'
In 2014 we opened new student apartments in Deventer. In this virtual tour we will show you one of the apartments.