In case you are in (preventive) self-quarantine you can ask your housemates, friends or buddy to shop your groceries. You can contact our support services in case you are struggling with arranging any help for your groceries.

Please take into consideration the following rules if you are shopping your groceries:

  • Keep a distance of 1,5-meters in the supermarket and shops.
  • Try to avoid peak hours as much as possible (from 17:00 CET – 19:00 CET). 

Below you can find an overview of local supermarkets in Enschede, Deventer and Apeldoorn.

It is possible to get your groceries delivered to your house. The following supermarkets offer online grocery shopping: 

In addition, there are several restaurant delivery apps:

All of the above-mentioned websites are only available in Dutch. Therefore, it might be useful to translate them via your Google Chrome browser or Google Translate. 

In the supermarkets, it is possible to either pay by card or by cash. 

If you are shopping your groceries online, it might be useful to install a PayPal banking account in order to arrange your payments in case you do not have a Dutch banking account (yet). 

You can ask your housemates, neighbours or friends to assist you. Or, you can ask one of your buddies.

Before or after the introduction week, you will become part of a buddy group. Together with this group, you can join online social activities such as having an (online) lunch together, or going for an (online) drink or help each other out. Your buddy group will consist out of a maximum of 8 other students, including a student coach. This student coach is a student who is a second-year student, so he or she can help you to introduce you to your new student life. You will meet your buddy group weekly.