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Complaints and disputes

Saxion offers the opportunity to lodge a complaint with the Reporting Centre for Complaints and Disputes (MKG) to everyone involved with Saxion.

This includes each current, prospective and former student or extraneus (jointly referred to below as ‘the student’), each employee of Saxion and external relations.

Each complaint can be seen as positive involvement of the complainer with the organisation and as an instrument for improvement. Solving the complaint usually starts at the school or service concerned. If this is not option, the MKG handles the complaint as further explained below. 

Starting point: Source of the complaint
Starting point is that the handling and settlement of a complaint are to take place at the source of the complaint, so that it can be solved as much as possible at school or service level of the parties involved. For students, this procedure has been laid down in writing in the School Student Complaints Scheme (abbr. in Dutch: ASK) on the Intranet site of the School.

Dissatisfied or not able to settle at school/service level?
The MKG will further attend to the complaint by which the formal trajectory for handling complaints (a pdf file will open) will become effective, if:

- a complainer is dissatisfied with the (way of) handling and/or settlement of the complaint by the school or service concerned, or
- if for any reason whatsoever, it is not possible or advisable to settle the complaint at the level of the school or service.

The student can get help from the MKG if he or she disagrees with the decision taken with respect to him or her. In that case we refer to a dispute. Within the group of disputes the following distinction is made:
• Board of Appeal for Examinations (Cobex)
• Disputes Advisory Committee (GAC)

Board of Appeal for Examinations (Cobex)
Disputes relating to an assessment of the student’s qualities can lead to a professional procedure before the Board of Appeal for Examinations (Cobex). For example, disputes in response to decisions of the Examination Board or an examiner.

Disputes Advisory Committee (GAC)
Disputes of a more general nature can lead to a procedure for lodging an objection before the Disputes Advisory Committee (GAC). Consider for example in this context a dispute about the enrolment in a degree programme or the level of the tuition fee.

To lodge your complaint, objection or appeal you can use this form. The MKG is manned by the Coordinator for Complaints and Disputes who: 

- accepts the complaint, the notice of objection or appeal,
- sends a confirmation of receipt and
- ensures that the matter will be dealt with by the proper body or official in accordance with the Saxion Complaints and Disputes regulations.

Please make sure that you submit the objection or appeal within six weeks after the date of the decision. An objection or appeal that is submitted after the six-week term will not be processed.

Regulations Integrity
Regulations Students Complaints
Regulations Undesirable Behaviour
Regulations Data Protection Students
Regulations Reporting (or suspecting) abuse (whistle-blowers regulation)
Regulations Procedure Board of Appeal
Regulations Disputes Advisory Committee

Saxion offers students help from student counsellors. The student counsellor can help and advise you in lodging an appeal. More information can be found on MySaxion here (you have to login as a student).

Saxion has signed the Code of Conduct International Student Higher Education. This Code of Conduct is a joint initiative that Dutch universities and other institutions of higher education have drawn up, which protects your interests as a foreign student in the Netherlands. It regulates various aspects, such as how to inform and communicate with international students. It consists of, for example, standards with regard to certain quality and admission requirements and the obligation to offer clear insight into the quality of our study programmes, what services we provide, language and admission requirements.