Self quarantine

In some cases you need to go into a mandatory self-quarantine for 10 days immediately after traveling to the Netherlands. Even if you are not showing any symptoms, are vaccinated and/or have tested negative for Covid-19. Please note, that if you are bringing any family members with you to the Netherlands (or if they might be dropping you off) they will need to follow the Dutch regulations rules, too.

 For detailed information you can check this link.

Please check this site by the Dutch government to find more information on self-quarantine. You might have an accommodation with shared facilities such as a kitchen, bathroom or toilet. If this is the case, please keep a 1,5-meter distance for your housemates. It is allowed to sit outside on your balcony or garden (in case you have one) to get some fresh air.  

If you are suffering from symptoms that might indicate that you are suffering from a Covid-19 infection, you need to get tested. Find out more about how to get tested here. All housemates need to stay at home until you receive the results. If they are starting to show Covid-19 related symptoms too, they also must get tested. 

If you have to go in preventive self-quarantine, make sure you prepare wisely by paying attention to the following matters: 

  • Take enough facemask with you. You can also buy additional face mask at the Airport. 
  • Bring some Covid-19 self-tests to test yourself upon or shortly after arrival. The self test can be bought in supermarkets/department stores/pharmacies/drugstores etc. and at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport they are handed out for free. They can be collected at the baggage collection or in the arrival hall. Ask Schiphol staff if you cannot find it.
  • Stay connected by having a working phone with sufficient credit and a proper WiFi connection.
  • If allowed, take some food supplies with you while travelling to Netherlands. If you are arriving by plane see:
  • Arrange how you will get groceries.

It will be really challenging to stay inside for 10 days and it might not be the first student experience you expected when starting your new study (year). 

  • In case you have any questions, please attend one of the online consulting hours of the Student Support Service by the International Office.
  • Stay in touch with your buddy group. 

Prepare for the start of your study by checking this page.  

There are no restrictions for you if your housemate is in preventive self-quarantine (and has no symptoms). Please note to keep a 1,5-meter distance to your housemate.  

If your housemate shows any symptoms in preventive self-quarantine, he or she needs to get tested. You need to stay at home until the test results are in. In case your housemate gets positively tested for Covid-19, the GGD (local health organization) will provide you with instructions on what to do. 

If your housemate is in self-quarantine and has positively tested for Covid-19, you need to get tested too.