Facts and Figures

Although Saxion University of Applied Sciences was set up in its present form just over ten years ago, when the Hogeschool Enschede and Hogeschool IJselland merged in 1998, Saxion’s roots can be traced back to 1875.

Saxion University is registered as a public funded university of applied science, and in legal terms Saxion University is established as a Foundation under Dutch law. 

International Student Population

The international student population at Saxion has doubled in the past two years, and in view of Saxion’s focus on internationalisation there is little doubt that this figure will continue to grow. The total currently stands at 3,500 students from outside of the Netherlands, which is an impressive 14% of the overall total.

Saxion attracts students from all corners of the world: Afghanistan, Brazil, China, Egypt, Finland, Ghana, Hungary, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, Sudan, Taiwan, Uganda, Vietnam… the list represents an A-Z of 74 nationalities, contributing to a truly multi-cultural learning experience.

Saxion University of Applied Sciences - Outside the Main Building in Enschede

International programmes

Saxion University of Applied Sciences first started running international education programmes in the 1990s. Saxion now offers a broad range of Bachelor programmesMaster programmes and Short Courses in the fields of business, technical and environmental studies, as well as Intensive Preparatory courses (English Language). Needless to say, these educational programmes are fully in line with the quality assurance mechanisms as implemented by the relevant Dutch government agency.

Saxion University of Applied Sciences - Education in the Netherlands

More information

You can read more about Saxion's key areas of focus in the Saxion Strategic Plan 2020 - 2024.

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