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Marketing kit

Looking for quality pictures, our logo or the latest brochures? We've put together a list of files you can use to promote Saxion University in your country. Please let us know if you're missing something!

Disclaimer & terms of use

All material on these pages is copyrighted by Saxion. You can use these files in your brochures or websites in relation to Saxion. Using these files to promote other universities, organisations or companies is strictly prohibited.

The logo is supplied in 2 formats: a PNG and an JPG file, both in full color. 

Use these High Res PDF files to print banners for use at education fairs. 

A selection of our recent photo albums. Please note that the files are available to you in low resolution. For high reslution please send a request to your contactperson.

  • Arial for Windows
  • Neue Frutiger for web/online
  • Auto 1 (messages and reading texts) or Midnight Kernboy (headlines) for offline/print materials
  • Auto 1 9 pt for flat texts

Saxion University of Applied Sciences uses the following colors:

Main color green:

  • RGB: R0 G156 B130
  • HEX: #009c82
  • PMS: 3278 U, C100 M0 Y70 K0

Secondary colors:

  • RGB: Gray: R198 G197 B191 & Light blue: R133 G206 B228
  • HEX: Gray: #c6c5bf & Light blue: #85cee4
  • PMS: Gray: PMS Cool Gray 4 U, C0 M0 Y5 K30 & Light blue: PMS 291 U, C50 M0 Y10 K0

Call to action colors:

  • RGB: Magenta:R219 G6 B81 & Yellow:R255 G221 B0
  • HEX: Magenta:#db0651 & Yellow:#ffdd00
  • PMS: Magenta: 1925 U, C0 M100 Y50 K0 & Yellow: PMS 114U, C0 M10 Y100 K0


Here are some videos for you to use to tell about Saxion University of Applied Sciences:

Our facilities: About Saxion

Studying online and tips for international students: Tips from a student

Videos about our locations:

Take a look at our YouTube-channel for more videos.


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