Marketing kit

We've put together this marketing kit for you to inform students about Saxion. Here you can find high-quality pictures, our logo and the latest brochures. Please share this information with your students and let us know if you're missing something!

Saxion is a university of applied sciences that focuses on the application of 
technology and its impact on people and society. Saxion offers a wide range of 
degree programmes
to more than 26,000 domestic and international students at 
our locations in Apeldoorn, Deventer and Enschede in the Eastern Netherlands. 

We use education, research and entrepreneurship to resolve global and regional 
social issues and drive technological innovation. In doing so we literally and 
figuratively cross borders to explore new possibilities and opportunities, 
bringing people together from different disciplines and organisations. This is 
how we pave the way for students to join global professions of the future and we 
contribute to a smart, safe and sustainable world. Get Ready for a Smart World!

Our core activities

Saxion has existed in its current form since 1998, however its roots go all the way back to 1875. Although we are constantly looking to the future, we are also proud of our past. That too is part of who we are: the place we feel deeply connected to, with its rich technological history. Located in the Twente region of the Eastern Netherlands, home to our Enschede campus, technological advances led to the large scale development of the textile industry. The Apeldoorn and Deventer locations are situated in the Ijsselstreek (named after the river IJssel) where once the first printers dared to embrace revolutionary printing technology and so help spread knowledge and ideas. 

Thanks to the geographical position of the Nertherlands, Saxion is perfectly positioned between major European countries such as Belgium, France and Germany. Many leading companies are situated here for that very reason. Furthermore, the Netherlands is one of the world's most innovative nations, partly due to the strong cooperation between businesses and education. 

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