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Sustainable Development Goals in our organisation

Saxion considers it its social responsibility to make an important contribution to the climate issues by making our business operations more sustainable.

In the autumn of 2020 our sustainable ambition for business operations has been determined. The sustainability mission is comprehensive. In order to ensure that this is anchored in the business operations in a good way, Saxion has identified four themes: climate & energy, circularity, mobility and health & safety. For each theme, we formulate our ambition for the long term and translate it into objectives and tasks for the period up to and including 2024.

Towards a sustainable organisation (pdf)



Strategic decision-making

In addition to the themes above we also want to pay more attention to embedding sustainability in the strategic decision-making. It is our ambition to make a positive contribution to the quality of the living environment through the choices we make and to never have a negative impact. We can ensure that this is achieved by embedding ecological values in strategic choices. SDGs and sustainability are to be an integral part of all policy to be drawn up or updated.