Smart Solutions Festival 2018

Smart Solutions Semester

At Saxion Smart Solutions Semester, students from various degree programmes work together on complex issues from research groups or the business community. More specifically, issues for which the solution cannot be found within one field of expertise. This is why our students work in interdisciplinary project teams, with innovation, creativity and collaboration are at the heart of the projects.

How does it work? 

The concept for the Smart Solutions Semester is simple: for half a year, third and fourth-year students work together on (possibly) your challenge. The teams consist of six to eight students from a variety of degree programmes, giving each team a unique mix of experience, skills and talents.  

To increase the impact of this cross-pollination of disciplines, each project will also be assigned to a cluster. A cluster consists of three or four project teams working on the same or a very similar research question, with you as a client benefiting from this mutual knowledge development and sharing.  

Why Smart Solutions?

Take a look at our video in which we explain all that the Smart Solutions Semester has to offer.  

Information on participation

We have gathered all the necessary information for companies and research groups interested in the Smart Solutions Semester. Take a look at our fact sheet for all information on participation. To get a better understanding of what expertise students from each participating degree programme have to offer, have a look at our document on participating degree programmes.

Smart Solutions Festival 2018


Would you like to learn more about the Smart Solutions Semester, or are you interested in working on a project together with a group of students? Then we look forward to hearing from you!

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