3D concrete printing lab

Within this lab, research group Industrial Design, together with regional partners, is developing a 3D concrete printer and various innovative applications.

A 3D printed house, façade, bench or fish ladder. Future or reality? Or maybe the future of 3D concrete printing is modular?

In the 3D concrete printing lab, research group Industrial Design is conducting a hands-on research into the specifics of concrete printing. Here we connect students, researcher and professionals from the construction chain. This is done within the framework of the RAAK SME project Konkreet. Research is being conducted into the recipe, control / monitoring, design of the print form, scaling, reinforcement and undercuts. At the same time, explored from the possibilities of the material, applications and solutions. During this process we learned that it is possible to create unique elements without extra costs and time: this gives the designers a new kind of freedom and possibilities. We applied this further in the project Green Dome.  It is now easy to adjust constructions to your wishes and functions and to implement structural and functional optimization. This requires a different way of thinking and working and we are now exploring a different, dynamic way of modeling (including Generative Design).

Profielfoto Ivo Vrooijink

Ivo Vrooijink

Project leader/ researcher

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