Nanotechnology Laboratories

In these laboratories we develop, build, and test microtechnological and nanotechnological systems, such as sensors, modified surfaces, and new materials.

The Nanotechnology laboratories are where the NanoPhysics and NanoBio research groups conduct their research. Moreover, Master of Applied Nanotechnology students and those working on the Nanotechnology Minor also carry out their projects and labs here.

Related lectorates and programmes

The laboratories consist of a number of different specialised rooms. There is a fully integrated cell culture laboratory, where work can be carried out with living cells, including cancer and stem cells, as well as various biomolecules (e.g. antibodies).

In the chemistry lab, the synthesis and characterisation of nanoparticles is performed, as well as experiments in the field of surface modification.

The physical measurement lab contains a wide range of electrical and physical readout and measurement systems, and equipment is present for introducing controlled gas and liquid flows to the devices.

A number of techniques are available for the characterisation of synthesised devices and structures, such as FTIR, SEM, AFM, and Raman spectroscopy.

Finally, in the cleanroom at the HTF there are facilities for fabricating, assembling, and testing various types of sensors and other devices.

Our laboratories are located on the fourth floor of Wolvecamp. We also have specialised areas in the High-Tech Factory on the University of Twente campus.