Nanotechnology from lab to industry

During the past two decades the Netherlands, particularly the East Netherlands region, has specialized in the development of nanotechnology. This is partly thanks to the state-of-the-art knowledge of the MESA+ research centre and its many spin-off companies. However, much of this technology remains in the research stage, the so-called proof-of-concepts stage.

In the ‘Nanotechnology from Lab to Industry’ project, the NanoBioInterface research group develops the implementation stage for businesses. Together with SMEs, the market is explored and a number of priorities defined for application of nanotechnology in products used in daily life. The identification of these priorities was based on initial market studies that showed that the time-to-market can be significantly reduced thanks to the network created by this project.

Duration: this project runs from June 2013 - June 2015.

More information is available on the TechForFuture website.