Future Bedroom

Auping believes that an individual’s current sleep process and sleep experience can be improved in several areas.


To demonstrate the possibilities of integration of home automation in the bedroom, Auping is developing a model bedroom; the bedroom of the future. In collaboration with Research Group Sustainable & Functional Textiles, the role of bed textiles in this bedroom will be investigated in this project.

An important cause of sleeping problems is the sleeping climate. The climate in the bed, the microclimate between the duvet and mattress, is of great influence. Body temperature can be regulated through pore evaporation through the skin to heat up and cool down. Too hot leads to sweating (moisture loss can amount to up to 300 cc per person per night!) and causes a bad sleeping climate, hygiene issues and unhealthy sleep patterns. Since a bed mainly consists of textiles and foams, the integration of smart materials in textiles offers possibilities to add thermal regulatory functions.

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Project goal

With this project we want to show a vision of the future for solving sleeping problems and improve the sleeping climate by means of high-tech smart bed textiles. During the development, the project team and the assisting students acquire new knowledge in the field of bed textiles, smart textiles, home automation and sleeping experience. The main result of this project is a demonstrator that shows a future vision on bed textiles and can be integrated into the bedroom system of the future.


The project runs from May 2019 to July 2020.

More information

For more information, please contact Hellen van Rees.

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Partners and grand providers

  • Koninklijke Auping
  • Tech For Future