Innovative surgical gauzes

An application for textiles in the medical environment (medical textiles) is the collection of liquids, especially blood, during surgical procedures.


Currently, cotton gauze is used for this. These fabrics are hydrophilic and therefore able to absorb moisture. The cotton gauze can cause damage during an operation, because cotton fibrils can remain in the body after surgery. An alternative to the current cotton gauze are PVA-foam compresses.

Project Goal

This project aims to investigate whether the innovative PVA-foam compresses are suitable as an alternative to the current cotton gauze during operations. To this end, several essential properties of both cotton and PVA are quantified in a comparative study. An integrated X-ray detection option will be examined. Finally, for an improvement of the procedure during the operations, it is desirable that the surgical gauze can be reused.


The project runs from September 2019 to May 2021.

More information

For more information, please contact Carlos Kuhlmann.

Partners and grand providers

  • Tech For Future
  • Mondomed
  • Brandwonden Research Instituut (BRI)