The Amsterdam University Medical Center (Amsterdam UMC) has a large warehouse filled with rejected textiles. Doctor's coats and nursing uniforms such as trousers, polo shirts and jackets, for example. Until now, there is no suitable option to give them a second life. Based on their sustainability ambitions, Amsterdam UMC would like to know what the potential of these materials is. In the first place to use for new material within the hospital, and otherwise for external parties.

Van Moer bedrijfskleding supplies the work clothes to the UMC. They want to increase their knowledge in the field of sustainability and the circular economy, and subsequently apply this to the products they supply to the hospital. Saxion conducts this research in association with The Bin. The Bin helps companies and organizations to set up circular systems and to shift from a throwaway society to a new circular economy.

Project goal

The project focuses on two developments within the hospital. Firstly, the hospital is in transition from disposable products to reusable products. This project investigates whether it is possible to make new products from high-quality rejected textile material (65/35% polyester/cotton) such as doctor's coats and nursing uniforms, which can be reused in hospitals where possible. It is examined whether current disposable products can be replaced by these reuse products.

The second development involves the supplier of the uniforms. In the first quarter of 2022, the hospital will procure a new supplier of hospital clothing. This project offers the unique opportunity to include reusability in the procurement, by assessing the requirements for reuse.

Project duration

The project will run from February 2022 to February 2023.

More information

For more information about the 'Re-Uniform' project, please contact Hellen van Rees.

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Hellen van Rees



Partners and subsidy providers

This project is a collaboration between the Saxion research group Sustainable & Functional Textiles, the Amsterdam UMC, The Bin and Van Moer Bedrijfskleding. The project is subsidized by the Sia Directorate.

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