From Workwear To Workwear - SaXcell

In 2011 the innovative fibre called SaXcell was created by researchers of the Sustainable & Functional Textiles research group. SaXcell, an abbreviation for Saxion and Cellulose, produced via chemical recycling of cotton waste. Old clothing which is normally incinerated, can now be sustainably processed into a new fibre. In the last couple of years the SaXcell fibre has been further developed, optimized and scaled up.

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Market evaluation and implementation SaXcell

In the current project ‘From Workwear To Workwear’ the researchers are going one step further by investigating the market evaluation and implementation of the SaXcell fibre. A specific case study has been developed for the work wear market, a market in which great volumes, high quality and sustainability are of interest. Old workwear is collected and recycled into the SaXcell fibre, which is then used to produce new workwear. The researchers on this project at Saxion work closely with partners from the industry: Artofil, Frankenhuis, Havep, Johan van den Acker, Lavans en SaXcell B.V.


The project From Workwear To Workwear runs from June 2017 till the end of April 2019.

More information

More information about the innovative SaXcell fibre can be found on the SaXcell website. For more information on the From Workwear To Workwear project you can contact Jens Oelerich.