Textile Coach

The company BodyGraph, in collaboration with professional cycling teams, has started the development of a Smart shirt, with which trainers can measure and anticipate the fitness and performance of their cyclists in real time.

Think of the Tour de France, where a battle of attrition is carried out on the bodies of the cyclists and where physical and mental support of riders is extremely important. BodyGraph has previously completed a feasibility study, which indicated that this product is not yet on the market for this specific application, and that it can bring great added value to the users.

Project Goal

For the upcoming proof of concept phase, BodyGraph wants to work together with the research group Sustainable & Functional Textiles and Genzai on a working prototype of the Smart shirt. The intended project result is a well-functioning prototype, which can accurately measure heart rate while cycling. And this measured heart rate must be usable and clearly visualized to the user.


The project runs from January 2020 to December 2020.

More information

For more information, please contact Hellen van Rees.

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Hellen van Rees



Partners and grand providers

  • KIEM
  • Limburg regionaal
  • BodyGraph
  • Genzai
Textile Coach
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