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Saxion joins Workplace Pride Foundation

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On 28 November 2018 Saxion officially joined the Workplace Pride, as the first Dutch institution of higher education. The signed agreement resulted in gratitude, pride and a lot of emotion: “Love is love”.

A straight person who already accepts the LGBTI-community might not get what’s so special about the agreement. But for the non-heterosexual community it makes a lot of difference.

“The community thinks it’s really important the board of Saxion speaks out about the fact that everybody is welcome and should feel at home. Regardless of their sexual preference”, says Anka Mulder. “I started working here on the 1st of January this year, and within two weeks Marco Strijks popped up in my mailbox telling me we had to do something with this subject.” And that’s what happened. So now Marco stands next to Anka, as the initiator of this project. With tears in his eyes and beaming with pride.

Exaltio - Student Association

After the signing there’s attention for the LGBTI student association Exaltio. They too pay their gratitude to the attendees.

“I thought the board would be no more work than just organizing a few drinks, but I couldn’t have been more wrong”, says board member Didris. “The club lives! After two years we’ve already got 80 members, who found a place to be who they want to be. Exaltio helps you to feel like you really belong here and gives you more self-confidence. Let’s make Enschede gay again!”

With these words Anka and Workplace Pride chairman David Pollard officially opend the new room. “I think others will be jealous, I don’t know any student association with such a nice room”, Anka Mulder adds. After the opening it’s time to make a toast to each other and to love.

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