COIL project - Finance Lab

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The Project between Saxion University and his partners is designed to bring students from both Universities together to enhance intercultural learning and engagement. Every Saxion student will be connected to a student from an international partner and together they will play this Trading Simulation Game.

It is called: Finance Lab, groups from our International Finance and Accounting students and a group from Coventry or other partners like Bern University, Urjc Madrid or for example Steyr University team up to buy and sell stock online. They change roles from Analyst and Investor, together they need to maximize their capital with all the information available through the system. Please find the link to get an idea about this project.

The project seeks to achieve the following intercultural outcomes:

  • Students should be able to demonstrate awareness of their own position and perspective on ‘risk-taking’ and attitudes toward risk following cross-border interactions. This includes recognizing new perspectives about their own investment/trading rules and biases that ultimately inform and impact their decision-making/strategies.
  • Students should be able to demonstrate understanding of underlying factors that inform trading and investment decisions of people from different backgrounds/countries – economy, politics, communication styles, beliefs, history, values and practices – and how these motivations manifest in decision-making behaviour, negotiation and decisions.
  • Students should be able to demonstrate the skills necessary for engaging in trading and investment decisions within globally-dispersed cross-cultural teams. This includes intellectual and emotional dimensions, awareness of verbal and non-verbal communication, managing (in)directness in response/critique, speed of decision-making