Studeren bij het Studieplatform van het Saxion StudieSuccesCentrum

Study Platform: coming ‘together’ to study effectively

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A physical learning platform where you can get extra help with assignments or your thesis, ask questions to fellow students or just study in silence: the pilot by Saxion's Study Success Centre was such a big hit that it’s now been rolled out in Deventer and also caters to international students.

Saxion's Study Success Centre supports students during their studies. If you're a student and you are struggling with the language in or for your assignment or just need a little bit of support from your peers, you can join the Study Platform that is organised every Tuesday or Friday in Enschede or Deventer.

‘Some students only use it to avoid being distracted by housemates or social media,’ says student counsellor Lotte Beernink from Saxion's Study Success Centre. ‘While some students carry out work in silence, others enjoy exchanging ideas with peers or getting advice from an expert on planning or writing their thesis. Last year, there was a student who got a 1 for their report. He started to panic. But after giving him tips on how to use a list of sources, he took this information on board and managed to pass his report.’

The platform in Enschede is assigned a dedicated room every Tuesday (the platform is organised on Fridays in Deventer). The rooms are listed on Blackboard (the digital learning system) and MySaxion (intranet).


The Study Success Centre is also there for students who do not need a physical work area or help, and we regularly share tips and tricks digitally via Blackboard.

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