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Saxion Intro Week is and will remain online

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If you’re looking forward to the Saxion Intro Week and are worried that coronavirus might have an impact, please don’t be. The Saxion Intro Week will be held fully online, as planned. This set-up is in line with the measures announced at the national coronavirus press conference on 6 August. From 24 August, you’ll be able to immerse yourself for four days in the Saxion Online Intro Festival.

Online festival site 

You can come to the online festival site to get to know Saxion, your department, classmates, study career counsellor and your student city. You’ll also be able to have a virtual look inside the Saxion buildings. There’ll be plenty of fun activities, opportunities to meet and get to know each other, and hear explanations about studying at Saxion in the marquee, playground and on the school square (‘academieplein’). You’ll learn about the practical things one by one, so that you can prepare yourself for your study programme at the beginning of September. 

Building a community through your buddy group 

As we know that feeling part of a community plays an important role in enjoying student life and achieving success, you’ll be part of a buddy group together with seven other students. A senior student will accompany your buddy group, so you can always ask any questions you have. During the Intro Week, you’ll only speak to your buddy group online. After 1 September, you’ll be able to meet each other in person, as a group, while observing the Dutch COVID-19 guidelines. You’ll hear how we’ll be organising all of this together with your study career counsellor, to prevent things from getting too busy on campus or in the city.  

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