Vrouw in gele trui draagt masker in het openbaar ter bestrijding van het coronavirus

15-01-2022 Coronavirus update: Saxion to reopen

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Yesterday there was a corona press conference during which it was announced that higher education may reopen ‘under certain conditions’. Obviously we are overjoyed to hear this! All programmes are looking at how they can provide education on location as soon as possible next week.

The speed at which this happens can differ per programme, depending on timetables and physical availability of teachers, for example. It's a work in progress. If you have lessons on location, your programme will inform you about this. In the update of 14 January you can read how we are going to reopen education in phases. The guidelines and conditions that have to be followed are given below.   

Conditions and guidelines 

  • Wearing a face mask at Saxion is compulsory both during and outside classes. It is advised not to wear a homemade face mask, but rather a disposable one with a preference for type 2. 
  • Whenever possible maintain social distance, even though the 1.5 metre rule is not mandatory in higher education.  
  • There is a maximum group size of 75 people in an educational space, with the exception of exams. This has been taken into account in the timetable. 
  • Are you going to Saxion? Then take a self-test twice a week. You can order free self-tests at www.zelftestonderwijs.nl
  • Keep to the hygiene rules to prevent the spreading of coronavirus. Wash your hands regularly and cough and sneeze in your elbow. 
  • If you have symptoms stay at home and take a self-test. If the result is positive take a GDD test. 
  • If you have been in close contact (longer than 15 minutes within 1.5 metres) with someone who has tested positive then go into quarantine. Those who had a booster jab more than a week ago or have already had corona in 2022, no longer have to go into quarantine after being in close contact with an infected person. 

Are you going to Saxion? Take a self-test! 

We want to ask you once again to take a self-test before going to one of the Saxion buildings. By taking a self-test you help make Saxion locations safer. You can order self-tests for free at the national portal: www.zelftestonderwijs.nl. You log in using your Saxion account and the tests will be sent free of charge to the address you have entered. Please note: it may take up to a week for the tests to arrive, so order well in advance! 

Keep an eye on your messages 

You will hear from your school if you have to come to Saxion and where your class is being held. For practical reasons your timetabled classes for next week will remain online.  

If there is any new information, we will inform you as soon as possible. And: good luck with your exams! 

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