Diversiteit bij Saxion Student life

Saxion joins Workplace Pride Foundation

On 28 November 2018 Saxion officially joined the Workplace Pride, as the first Dutch institution of higher education. The signed agreement resulted in gratitude, pride and a lot of emotion: “Love is love”.

open-days-saxion-university-of-applied-sciences.png Education

Register for the Open Days!

Meet with students and lecturers, walk around the premises and find out everything about the Dutch education system.

physiotherapy-volunteering-experience.png Student life

Saxion Student Receives Global Citizen Award in Dublin

On 19 May 2018, Physiotherapy student Elaine Houlihan received the Silver Global Citizen Award in Dublin for her volunteering work in India. Saxion admires Elaine’s passionate commitment and is proud to share her story with you!

nanotechnology-study-abroad-michelle-fleermann.png Education

An interview with Michelle Fleermann

Michelle Fleermann from Germany follows a master’s degree in Applied Nanotechnology at Saxion University of Applied Sciences and plans to graduate in 2018. In this interview, Michelle shares her experiences, explaining why she decided to study in the Netherlands and started this study programme.

Creative-3d-solution-for-clothes.png Research

Smart solution - Trying on your favourite clothes online

Trying on your favourite clothes online? Third-year HBO-ICT students have developed a machine learning tool that allows customers to easily create a 3D image of themselves using their own photos.

Internationa-Human-Resource-Management-Students.png Research

Saxion International HRM students on an international scientific adventure in America!

A research paper from IHRM students Kristy McGovern and Nikita Simon has been accepted for the scientific conference of the Eastern Academy of Management which will be held in Rhode Island, America.

blockchain-for-dummies.jpg Research

Blockchain and crypto for dummies

You have probably heard of it: blockchain and crypto currency. These terms became widely used almost overnight and have become part of our everyday vocabulary. But... what exactly is it all about?

international-sports-day.png Student life

Successful International Sports Day for Saxion Students

On the 7th of April, forty international students of Saxion represented the university of applied sciences during the International Sports Day in the Hague. We can look back on a successful and memorable experience.

saxion-students-develop-solution-for-navy-and-thales.png Education

Saxion students develop VR solution for Thales and the Navy

In the past months, seven students of the Saxion Creative Media and Game Technologies programme have carried out an assignment for Thales and the Royal Navy. They made an example of a virtual reality area that can be used for training.

one-world-symposium-internationalisation-and-sustainable-development.png Education

One World Symposium: internationalisation and sustainable development

Students who go abroad during their studies learn how valuable it is to look outside their own culture. This was one of the themes during the One World Symposium.