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Digital Discovery Days: Creative Media and Game Technologies

The Digital Discovery Days provide you with all the info you need about your preferred study programme, from the comfort of your home! Join the online session about Creative Media and Game Technologies: meet lecturers, talk to current students and ask all your questions. You can get ready by watching the videos below and consulting the FAQ.

The next Digital Discovery Day is on the 9th of March 2024

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Frequently asked questions about Creative Media and Game Technologies

The intake is mostly about your motivation, not your skills! Liking games, films, and apps is one thing, but we need students that also really like the process of creation. That is why we ask you to create a small game and would like to talk to you about the process you went through in creating it. Don’t be afraid, you don’t need a high skillset already. We recognize potential miles away! You can find all the details on our website.

About 75% of all students who take part in the intake get into the program. We have roughly 200 first-year students every year, divided over 15 classes.

Our lessons are quite practical, since the goal of the program is to educate real creators. This means we have a lot of ‘labs’ where you will learn how to develop certain skills. This does not mean we don’t have a lot of theory, however. You have to be able to justify your creations with knowledge, models, etc. We will provide you with this during lectures. There is also a lot of teamwork involved in our program, so expect to be working with others a lot!

You will be in a class with people from all over the world. That’s really fun, but also something you need to get used to in the beginning. But don’t worry, everybody is in the same boat. After a while talking, typing and learning in English will feel like second nature.

No! The course is called Creative Media and Game Technologies, so of course we have a lot of focus on games and the technologies used to create them. But we use these techniques to create so much more. Visual effects for films, Augmented reality for educational purposes and so on. If you have an open mindset, everything is possible. Push the boundaries of reality together with us!

You need to choose your role after the first quarter. If it appears during the second quarter that this role is not suited for you, you can still change after the 2nd quarter (and even after the third).

The student needs to find an internship that suits their wishes, which the student needs to apply for. CMGT has a big network and we can help to suggest suitable places.

Laptop with ‘recent’ mobile graphics card: ATI or Nvidia (GTX 1660), Intel Core I7, 512 GB SSD, (1 TB recommended) 8 - 16 GB RAM. Onboard webcam, Headphones

You have to make a small game (in unity3d, gamemaker studio, or any other platform) (no previous knowledge required, however, time needs to be spend in order to learn these tools!). Next to that you have to show a portfolio that shows what you can already do in terms of CMGT: Examples are: programming, drawing (digital or on paper) photography, creation of websites, 3d modelling, experience with game engines like unity3d, unreal etc.) Storytelling or any other 

There are 20 hours of scheduled lessons and guidance, and about 20 hours should be spent working on the final assignments.

CMGT is very practical. The majority of the tests are quite practical, and are portfolio items that need to be handed in. 


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Not able to join the Digital Discovery Day Q&A live stream sessions? Watch the recorded Q&A session with Saxion students and lecturers from the Online Open Days in April 2020. Or visit one of the other Digital Discovery Days.

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