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Student life in Apeldoorn

Your new international student life isn't only about studying. It's also about discovering and living in a new city, exploring a new culture and meeting new people. Find out more what's it like to life in Apeldoorn as an international student.

Apeldoorn as a city for international students

Paula is originally from Romenia and is studying Hotel Management in Apeldoorn. ''Living here is a little different than I expected before starting at a university of applied sciences. It is definitely not the student life that you see in movies, with a big campus and crazy parties. However, Apeldoorn holds a lot of surprises which made my student life memorable.''

Housing in Apeldoorn

''Throughout the years, I have lived in 2 different rooms, both of them in flat shares with local flat mates. Living with them was very helpful because I learned tips and tricks about the culture and life in the city. I got the rooms through an agency that works with students, which was a very lucky situation. Usually, housing agencies are very strict in the Netherlands if you do not have a stable income.''

Sport friendly city 

''Although small, Apeldoorn offers a lot of free time activities. There are many parks with lakes, which are perfect for walking, running or having a picnic when there is nice weather. Be careful with the food though, there are usually hungry ducks, who do not mind stealing. Another nice thing about Apeldoorn is that it is very sport friendly. There is a sports base where you can play field games in open air, but there are also plenty of gyms. I go to a city gym, which is very close to my place and also affordable.'' 

City centre of Apeldoorn

''Moreover, the city center of Apeldoorn has everything you need for a day outing. I usually visit the center for supermarkets, clothing stores, restaurants, bars, the cinema, the library (usually before exams), the game arcade and much more. During the night, most of the bars are turning into clubs and there are pretty nice parties. Me and my friends usually go to the Irish bar for pre-drinks and snacks, then we go to dance.

On Sundays, we like to have brunch in the city and have a nice bike ride in the forests around the city. When you enter the forest, you can also visit the museum Paleis het Loo, the formal summer residence of the royal family.''

Central location

''Another great aspect of Apeldoorn is its position on the map and its train connections. By train, you can reach all parts of the Netherlands in less than 2,5 hours. From Apeldoorn to Amsterdam it is exactly one hour by direct train.''

Making memories 

''Apeldoorn is a place that made me become independent. I have experienced the fun, but also the difficult parts of living abroad and I grew a lot here. I have an amazing group of friends and Apeldoorn offered us great opportunities to make memories together.''



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