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Digital Discovery Days: Mechanical Engineering

The Digital Discovery Days provide you with all the info you need about your preferred study programme, from the comfort of your home! Join the online session about Mechanical Engineering: meet lecturers, talk to current students and ask all your questions. You can get ready by watching the videos below and consulting the FAQ.

Frequently asked questions about Mechanical Engineering


Mathematics is embedded within the Mechanical Engineering curriculum courses. By using this approach it will be directly clear for students how Mathematics is applied in the world of Mechanical Engineering. 

There is no need for having additional knowledge on design methods or  computer programs. The necessary knowledge will be educated during the courses itself.

Theoretical lessons will be alternated with practical lessons (e.g. welding or turning). As a result our students will have hands on Mechanical Engineering experience next to the obtained theoretical knowledge.

We expect that 95% of our graduates get a job directly after their graduation. Some of them already get job offers even during their studies.

The contact moments at school are approximately 20 hours a week. In addition 20 hours a week of self study is required.

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