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Digital Discovery Days: Information and Communication Technology - Software Engineering

The Digital Discovery Days provide you with all the info you need about your preferred study programme, from the comfort of your home! Join the online session about Information and Communication Technology - Software Engineering: meet lecturers, talk to current students and ask all your questions. You can get ready by watching the videos below and consulting the FAQ.

The next Digital Discovery Day is on the 9th of March 2024

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Frequently asked questions about Information and Communication Technology - Software Engineering

During the first two years you will get about 20 teaching hours. Overall you will spend about 40 hours per week for your study, including self-tuition, practical lessons, lectures and work with your project group. Depending on their prior education, some people can manage to get all their work done in less than those 40 hours and some also need more time.

In the graduation profile Business & IT Management you will learn how you can improve the functioning of people and organizations with the use of IT. In the graduation profile Infrastructure, you will learn how to set up hardware, software and networks. In the graduation profile Software Engineering, you will learn how to develop software in a creative and innovative way. During the first semester, you will first get a basic package with insights into all the above-mentioned topics. After this, you have to choose one of those graduation profiles.

You as a student are central in this study programme. You’re not only a number and your opinion really counts. There is an informal atmosphere in which multidisciplinary collaboration is important. You will work on real projects of real companies under the guidance of a competent and committed team of teachers. This will really prepare you for a smart world. Furthermore, you have a lot of possibilities to personalise your study path.

No, there is not such a need. Of course, it doesn’t harm to have a solid foundation in math, but there is a surprisingly small amount of math in this study programme. The courses in which you do need math are usually very practice-oriented which keeps you motivated.

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Not able to join the Digital Discovery Day Q&A live stream sessions? Watch the recorded Q&A session with Saxion students and lecturers from the Online Open Days in April 2020. Or visit one of the other Digital Discovery Days.

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