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Unique Master's Programme with Greenwich University

Master of Arts in Management (MA)

Saxion University offers this master's programme in cooperation with the University of Greenwich. Upon graduation you will obtain an internationally recognised British degree; the Master of Business Administration.

Value of degree

The degree shows that you are able to work, think, and act on a master level. As it is a British degree it also opens doors to an international working context. The degree is similarly appreciated in The Netherlands.

The degree is internationally recognized and has the same level as a master's degree in The Netherlands. For more information visit the website of Nuffic.

The British degree is accredited by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education. This is the authority in the United Kingdom that grants degrees to institutions. University of Greenwich is authorized to issue the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and the Master of Arts in Management (MA) degrees.


Cooperation with University of Greenwich

The cooperation with University of Greenwich means in practice that Saxion is responsible for education in the programme and it executes the assessment which is prescribed by University of Greenwich. Consequently, in the programme we use UK Credits instead of European Credits.

The final responsibility (accountability) for the full programme lay with the holder of the degree license which is the University of Greenwich. In that sense, the programme resides under British Law rather than Dutch Higher Education Law. Saxion has a contractual agreement with University of Greenwich that allows Saxion to offer this master's in The Netherlands.