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Looking for quality pictures, our logo or the latest brochures? We've put together a list of files you can use to promote Saxion University in your country. Please let us know if you're missing something!

Disclaimer & terms of use

All material on these pages is copyrighted by Saxion. You can use these files in your brochures or websites in relation to Saxion. Using these files to promote other universities, organisations or companies is strictly prohibited.


The logo is supplied in 2 formats: a PNG and an EPS file, both in full color. If you need another format, please use the form below to request a specific format.


  • International brochure 2019/2020
  • European brochure English 2019/2020
  • European brochure German 2019/2020
  • Language School Brochure 2017/2018
  • Saxion University - Corporate Brochure
  • Chinese brochure 2016/2017
  • Vietnamese brochure 2018/2019
  • Exchange brochure



Use these files to print posters for use at education fairs or in your office.


Use these High Res PDF files to print banners for use at education fairs. These links load an external website where you can download the files.


Our presentation is offered in different versions, please select the version that suits your operating system.


If you want to use photos from Saxion University of Applied Sciences in your own brochures, flyers or other material, check the following photo albums. You are only allowed to use these photos to promote Saxion University. Other usage is prohibited.

Also take a look at our Flickr-photo stream or on our Facebook page where we post photos from events, excursions and parties organised by Saxion's International Office.


Lucida Sans Unicode, 9 points. For websites use a web-friendly font-stack: "Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif".


Saxion University of Applied Sciences uses the following colors:

  • Light green:
    • CMYK: C 40%, M 0%, Y 100%, K 0%
    • PMS 382
    • RGB: R 166, G 206, B 57
    • HEX: #A6CE39
  • Dark green:
    • CMYK: C 85%, M 0%, Y 100%, K 30%
    • PMS: 363
    • RGB: R 0, G 133, B 58
    • HEX: #00853a


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