Bachelor in Hotel Management (SDP)

Course typeBachelor
Course sectorHospitality
Course duration1 year, 1,5 or 2 years
Starting dateSeptember 2019
DegreeBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Tuition fee (EU/EEA students) € 2,083
Tuition fee (NON-EU students)(specification) € 7,800

The hospitality business is currently the fastest-growing industry. As the world continues to globalise and distances seem to become shorter, an increasing number of people are in need of accommodation away from home. The demand for excellent service has become stronger as more and more people gain international travel experience. As a result of this, the industry is facing many challenges such as dynamics in marketing channels, skills shortages, more demanding consumers, emerging markets in tourism, development of new hotel concepts and sustainable entrepreneurship.

The Saxion Hospitality Business School offers 2 bachelor programmes that perfectly address the need for people who are educated in the international hospitality business and who are eager to deal with these industry challenges:

  • Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) in Hotel Management
  • Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) in Tourism Management

These two programmes share a focus on creating the conditions that enable people to travel, enjoy their leisure time and find suitable accommodation while they are away from home. These conditions should generate a healthy profit for the company while also ensuring that guests and customers are happy and entirely satisfied with the service they receive.

Hotel Management, short degree programme

Hotel Management is the ideal programme for people with entrepreneurial flair, commercial insight and a service-minded approach. In addition to management skills, considerable attention is paid to professional skills and theory in order to help you develop the right attitude for the hospitality sector.

On the Hotel Management programme, you learn how to successfully lead a business in the international hospitality industry as a manager or entrepreneur. You learn to translate the wishes of your guests into an appealing, customer-oriented product or service. You learn how to find the right balance between 'How should I run my business?' and 'How can I pamper my guests?'. The hospitality sector is not for those seeking a nine-to-five, Monday-to-Friday work pattern, nor is it an environment that will appeal to everybody. However, it may be ideal for you if you want to work in a customer-focused business environment with a wide range of specialist opportunities. Furthermore, providing you are flexible, it offers the chance of rapid career progression: it is not uncommon for successful management trainees to reach general manager positions in large hotels within five to seven years of starting their career.

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Depending on the number of semesters from which you are exempted based on your previous education and/or vocational experience, the Hotel Management SDP programme can be a 1, 1,5 or 2-year programme.

  2-year programme   1,5-year programme   1-year programme
  Semester 1 Semester 2   Semester 1 Semester 2   Semester 1 Semester 2
1 Strategic Management HBS-Semester   Strategic Management HBS-Semester   Strategic Management Thesis
2 Minor Thesis   Thesis        


Content of the subjects
All students follow the ‘Introduction’ module in their first semester. This module focuses on communication and hospitality performance. This helps you to develop your presentation and writing skills and familiarises you with the educational system and procedures, both in The Netherlands in general and within the Saxion HBS in particular.

Furthermore, the programme consists of some – or all – of the following semesters:

- Strategic Management
Stategic Management starts with both an extensive external and internal analysis which is the basis for a strategic plan, written for a real international hotel. This plan is individually presented and students will have to defend their plans. Furthermore attention is paid to Business English, another modern language, Change Management and running a hotel in a realistic Business Game. 

  - HBS-Semester
This semester consists of six modules, which are all tested individually. There are four compulsory (core) modules which focus on the necessary knowledge and skills for your thesis. In addition to those modules, you choose two further modules (electives) based on your ‘Personal Profile Plan’ which you draw up with your study career counsellor.
- Minor semester
The Saxion Hospitality Business School offers you a choice of several minors, such as a transfer minor (if you wish to continue with a master’s programme afterwards), a management internship, the HBS ‘Expedition’ minor or a period of study abroad.
- Thesis semester
This semester is the final phase prior to the completion of your studies at the Saxion Hospitality Business School. During this semester you work independently to develop a solution to a strategic management problem for an (external) client within the hospitality sector. You are first required to develop a thesis proposal which outlines your plans for the thesis project. You then write the actual thesis in the form of a research and advisory report which demonstrates that you are capable of developing concise and usable management advice based on solid research.


Entry to the short degree programme is open to Dutch and international students alike.

  • - A minimum of three years of higher education (leading to a bachelor’s degree) in a hotel or tourism management-related field, such as consumer affairs, hotel or catering management, tourism management or other related management fields.

  • TOEFL 550 or IELTS 6.0.

Before being accepted onto the Hotel Management programme, you will need to pass an additional entry requirement as part of the compulsory admission procedure. If the outcome is approved by the admission officer, you will be allowed to start.

A person in possession of a diploma not explicitly included in this regulation can be exempted from the entry requirement mentioned in this section at the discretion of the director, providing that the diploma is at least equivalent to one of the diplomas mentioned.

The director’s judgement will at all times be subject to advice by NUFFIC concerning the equivalence of diplomas.

For more information, please contact:
Ms. Vanessa Urdaneta
Admission Officer
Saxion Hospitality Business School
Phone: +31 (0)88 - 019 3400

Hotel management education in The Netherlands is internationally renowned for its high standards. Alumni of Dutch hotel schools can be found in hospitality businesses all over the world. In order to meet the increasing demand for professionals in this rapidly growing industry, the BBA programme in Hotel Management creates an excellent starting point for your career. In the space of four years you learn how to successfully lead a company in the hospitality business, as an entrepreneur or as a manager, by learning to translate guests’ wishes into appealing products.

The dynamics of the industry create a wide range of career opportunities, with many interesting positions aimed at dealing with the various challenges the industry is facing. Opportunities can be found in a broad range of related industries, with many interdependencies in fields such as:

  • Hotels
  • Holiday/bungalow park
  • Resorts
  • Event agencies
  • Hospitality service suppliers
  • Convention agencies
  • Recreation & theme parks
  • Contract catering
  • Food and beverage Industry
  • Healthcare organisations
  • Banks/financial services
  • Consultancy firms
  • Employment agencies
  • Other (restaurants, golf resorts, airlines, cruises lines, etc.)

A hotel manager is a professional in…
As a hotel manager, you manage your team and you want to keep your guests happy. Commercial insight, entrepreneurship, organisational skills and customer focus are all core competences for a successful hotel manager. Within a hotel or hospitality company, you ensure that everything runs smoothly and is organised down to the finest details so that each guest receives a satisfactory level of service.


The tuition fee is listed above. Non-EU students can find details of the costs for housing, visa and insurance on this page.

Hotel Management costs
HBS suit
We consider it important for our students to dress smartly in professional situations. Therefore you are required to wear an HBS suit on a number of occasions, such as on study trips, during guest lectures, company visits, when holding presentations and when organising events. In order to convey a sense of unity, the Hospitality Business School has put together a high-quality set of clothing.

Women’s suit, which consists of: Men’s two-piece suit, which consists of:
1 blazer, anthracite colour 1 jacket, 2 button/trousers, anthracite colour
1 skirt or trousers, anthracite colour 2 shirts, (white)
2 blouses, (white) 1 waistcoat
1 pocket handkerchief (green) 1 tie (green)
Student’s price, suit with skirt €235
Student’s price, suit with trousers €250
Student’s price: €290

Sizes are noted at the start of the academic year.

Books and syllabi
The cost of the mandatory textbooks is approx. €650. The recommended books cost an additional approx. €100. The costs for study materials generally decrease year on year as the degree programme progresses.

The first year includes a study trip, which costs approx. €350. Additional excursions are organised. It is not compulsory to participate in the trip and excursions but you are strongly recommended to do so.


Studying in Apeldoorn
When choosing where to study, the surroundings are of course extremely important – not only the town or city, but also the university’s facilities and the atmosphere within the SchoolImage of the new Saxion building in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.

The HM programme is based in Apeldoorn. With 158,000 inhabitants, Apeldoorn is the 12th largest city in The Netherlands. The city is renowned for its green surroundings and its royal connection, because various monarchs have resided in Paleis het Loo since the 17th century. Apeldoorn is situated centrally in the country, and is just a one-hour train journey from Amsterdam.

The city centre of Apeldoorn and the surrounding area
Saxion is located just one minute from the city centre on foot. There are 61 bars and pavement cafés in the city centre where you can catch up with fellow students in between classes or at the end of the day. Are you interested in culture or a fun day out? If so, you can visit Paleis het Loo, the Apenheul monkey zoo, the Veluwe National Park or Europe’s largest outdoor swimming pool, or you can go shopping in the centre. As a student in Apeldoorn, you shouldn’t miss the Prinsjesnacht celebrations, or the dragon boat festival in July. And the beer festival in front of the city hall in September is a definite must for beer-lovers.

Saxion Apeldoorn
Apeldoorn houses our smallest campus. This new, characteristic building is used by Hospitality Business School to teach our Hotel Management programmes. 

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