Bachelor in International Business & Management Studies

Course typeBachelor
Course sectorBusiness
Course duration4 years
Starting dateFebr. 2018, Sept. 2018
DegreeBa of Business Administration
LocationDeventer, Enschede
Tuition fee (EU/EEA students) € 2,060
Tuition fee (NON-EU students)(specification) € 7,800

Do your professional ambitions lie in an international environment and are you overwhelmed by the choices when looking for a degree in business studies? Then International Business / Management Studies might be the right route for you.

When you enroll for International Business, you will have to select one of the two study routes after the first semester: International Business / Languages or International Business / Management Studies. In the first semester you will get acquainted with both programmes and make definite choice for the programme which suits you best. This way you can easily switch and use the first six months as an orientation

International Business / Management Studies

Do you prefer a career in international business and would you like to learn how to conduct business around the globe? The English taught study route International Business / Management Studies prepares you for a managerial position in an international business environment. You will work with peers from 35 nationalities and you will learn how to becoma a conscious business professional. You can spend up to 3 semesters abroad and can start your career anywhere in the world after graduation.

What will you be learning?

The bachelor programme covers all essential areas of Business Administration including Marketing, Finance and Management. It is unique due to its international focus and hands-on work experience. You can choose a specialization in Technology & Innovation or in Entrepeneurship.

International Business and Management Studies in numbers:


Start September (Deventer and Enschede) and February (Only in Deventer)
Theory 45%
Practical and group work 45%
Study career counselling 10%


How to enroll

Due to the new structuring of all economic degree programmes, International Business / Management Studies has become a separate study route within the degree programme International Business. For this reason, International Business / Management Studies is listed in Studielink under the degree programme International Business.

After the first semester, you will have to select one of the two study routes: International Business / Languages or International Business /  Management Studies.

Year one

In the first year you gain a solid theoretical basis of international business and management. You will acquire knowledge of Macro Economics/Law, Financial Accounting and Marketing Environment. Furthermore you will learn about accounting and languages like English, French, German and Spanish.

Subjects include Macro Economics/Law, Financial Accounting, Marketing Environment and Business Communication. In addition, you will also work on practical business projects and develop other professional skills.

Year two

In the second year of the programme you will encounter Administrative Organisation, Management Information Systems, Supply Chain Management and Corporate Finance. Knowledge of People & Organiastion, Operational Management and Intellectual property rights is also included.

Third and fourth year

The last two years will deepen your knowledge and your skilss in application. You will select a specialisation in Technology & Innovation or in Entrepreneurship. You can spend your minor abroad and deploy your theoretical knowledge in an international, practical environment. The conclusion of your study programme consists of a graduation assignment.

It is recommended that you have studied subjects such as Economics and it is required to score a minimum of TOEFL 550, IELTS 6 or similar English language qualification. Beside these, there are general entry requirements. Click on the link to check the general entry requirements.

The combination of theory and practical experience will give you a solid background in many different business fields.

Careers in international business and management

After finishing the International Business / Management Studies programme, you will be able to do market research and create a marketing strategy. Among your skills are presenting in English and possessing a working proficiency in at other language. You can also understand and analyse socio-cultural differences in order to be successful in an international business environment.

Possible careers

Your position within these kind of organisations can be:

  • project manager in the finance industry;
  • account manager at a production company;
  • or sales manager at a trading company

Further education

Do you want to continue learning? After completing this study route, you can advance with an academic master degree: for example, a master of Business Administration.

Sofia Bogärde, 4th year IBMS

The fact that I am a person who loves to travel and see the world, made my choice for IBMS an easy one. With this education, I somehow know that I have an international diploma to rely on, if I’d like to continue my career in another country at a later stage. Another great aspect of the study is that it really enables students to get a foot into the business world, thanks to the various projects in cooperation with international companies and the global internship opportunities.

It is not always easy to cooperate with people you are placed in a team with and that is one thing you will learn during the many projects you conduct as a group – to get along and work professionally with people who not only differ from yourself, but also people from completely different cultures.

I’m from Sweden and there everything is much more theoretical with a “learning-from-the-books” approach. For me it was a great opportunity to get the practical experience that the Dutch HBO-education offers. That makes me differ from other Swedish students. More over, there is a much closer contact between student and teacher and more personal guidance. I demanded a lot of contact hours with the internship coordinator when searching for the right placement, but luckily it all went pretty smoothly so not much help was needed in the end. I have friends who received great help during their application process.

The fact that you get to know the teachers during at least 3 years results in a good, regular interaction and you know where to find them if you need them.

Olga Sviridova

"First of all, the Netherlands as a country has more to offer than tulips, clogs or cheese. The remarkable thing is that the city Enschede combines traits of typical Dutch society with international spirit. I’m doing my studies in Saxion to pursue the bachelor degree and had a lot of time to get to know it. Saxion has a lot of exciting things to offer and it will start surprising you from the first moment when you come here.  A special issue is a practice of inviting guest lecturers who are professionals in the area of the studies from one of the currently operating Dutch companies. The course also includes a lot of group projects so prepare yourself to share your ideas and work with students from all parts of the world. Thus, for the one who is looking for new impressions, international experience and applicable professional knowledge, Saxion presents a nice opportunity to find it here and expand the horizons."

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