Bachelor in Marketing (SDP)

Course typeBachelor
Course sectorBusiness
Course duration2 years
Starting dateFebr. 2018, Sept. 2018
DegreeBBa (Marketing)
Tuition fee (EU/EEA students) € 2,060
Tuition fee (NON-EU students)(specification) € 7,800

The Academy Marketing & International Management offers a one, one and a half or two year international short degree programme. Now running for the sixteenth time.

  • 1 or 1,5 year*: for students studying at Bachelor Degree level
  • 2 or 1,5 years*: for students studying at diploma level.

*: see Requirements

All over the world, the key of successful business is based on the ultimate customers: understanding their needs, wants, demands. What benefits and unique propositions are you able to offer? Is your customer unhappy, satisfied or moreover delighted with your offering?

And how is the competition responding to your activities and success? You may want to expand to other markets and countries too. You will certainly have to adapt your company’s strategy to cope with the fast changing macro and microenvironments.

Communication is also changing dramatically. The customer likes to be in control of messages he receives. Widespread advertising is switching to narrowcasting, direct marketing, and ideally to 1-to-1 interactive communications.

And within this dynamic and rapidly changing environment, your personal traits and understanding how to co-operate are extremely important for all internal and external business contacts.

Saxion’s Short degree programme in Marketing builds on the previous three-year education of the student. It offers the latest insights in business strategies, international marketing strategies, advanced marketing communication techniques and communication skills. 

Much attention is given to the personal development of the student in this international setting.

Multinational teambuilding and acquiring a variety of professional skills by means of training sessions and a final thesis, the Graduation Assignment, are all part of the programme.

Furthermore, students improve their English language skills and gain knowledge of living and working in a different culture. Students experience how to rely on their own resourcefulness, creativity and flexibility.

Often students are allowed to study in conjunction with their present studies at their home university, achieving two degrees in one year (“double degree course”).

Course content

The Short Degree-programme Marketing is a flexible course consisting of four different semesters. Depending on the previous education, the academy offers a two semester, three semester or four semester programme.

Students may enroll at two moments: either in September or in February.

In general, students now studying at a bachelor degree level of education (university), may be admitted for the one-year course. Depending on the subjects the student has followed, the academy offers two study routes

  • Route 1
    • Semester Business Plan
    • Semester Final Thesis Graduation Assignment
  • Route 2
    • Semester Marketing Communication
    • Semester Final Thesis Graduation Assignment

Additional semesters are offered to students who do not fully meet the entry requirements for a one year course.

Students who have achieved a three year diploma like H.N.D. or Dazhuan enroll for the two year, four semester course.

  • Route 3
    • Semester Marketing Communication
    • Semester Business Plan
    • Semester Final Thesis Graduation Assignment
  • Route 4
    • Semester Marketing Communication
    • Semester International Sales & Account Plan
    • Semester Business Plan
    • Semester Final Thesis Graduation Assignment

Upon completion of the course, students are awarded the internationally acknowledged degree Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing) or to achieve a Double Degree in co-operation with their present university.

Content of the semesters

Final Thesis Graduation Assignment

  • Students set up a research project in the field of Marketing for a company or organization in The Netherlands or in another country in somewhere in the world.
  • The assignment is in the company itself, so students gain valuable working experience and are able to develop their personal and professional skills.

Business Plan

  • Group Project Business Plan
  • Strategic management and strategic international marketing
  • International Human resource Management
  • International law
  • Management control
  • Sustainable business & ethics
  • Personal development and various optional training courses

Marketing Communication

  • Group Project Marketing Communication
  • Marketing communication and internet marketing
  • Retail marketing and services marketing
  • Experience marketing
  • Methodology & market research
  • Budgeting
  • Business English
  • Personal development skills and various optional training courses (including Dutch)

International Sales & Account Plan

  • Group Project B2B Exhibition
  • Sales: sales & account management, sales conversations
  • Business to business marketing
  • Customer relationship marketing
  • Internationalization: international marketing, intercultural management, law, economics
  • Business English
  • Change management and event marketing


  • Students will enjoy the “getting acquainted” camp, an external training session and excursions to international companies or institutions.

Students should have studied for three years.

Fields of study: business, economics, marketing, international trade, management or other business related areas of education. Practical work placement or some commercial working experience is welcomed.

Depending on the level education, the Academy Marketing & International Management offers a one or one and a half or two year international Short Degree Programme..

  • 1 or 1,5 year: for students studying at Bachelor Degree level or following a Double Degree programme
  • 2 or 1,5 years: for students studying at Diploma level. Or studying at Partner Schools

The personal file of every student is judged individually, based on their education and experience, a personal study route of 1, 1,5 or 2 years will be offered. In order to determine the admittance the following documents are required:

  • Transcripts of grades achieved,
  • detailed course descriptions of courses of the previous study programme
  • literature list applying to the previous study programme

More information about general requirements.

Additional services

Applications are judged individually. A personalised programme is offered in case of deficiencies, if subject(s) have been followed before or if a student has other exceptional marketing competencies.

Optional: traineeship within a company in the Netherlands.

After graduation, students might return to their home country and commence their career. Often they are involved in family enterprises or in international operating companies.

Starting positions may be in the field of marketing like (assistant) product manager, communication or advertising assistant, marketing adviser, market researcher or in the field of (international) business like sales representative, account manager, area manager and in the field of exporting.

The marketeer will to be able to use knowledge, intuition, skills and experience to hold positions of responsibility at middle and higher commercial management levels.

We also experienced, that many students decide to continue their education at Saxion Universities or another University in Europe aiming for a Masters Degree. Our final year is an excellent step stone for further education here or elsewhere.

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