Bachelor in Physiotherapy

Course typeBachelor
Course sectorHealth Care
Course duration4 years
Starting dateSeptember 2018
DegreeBachelor of Science
Tuition fee (EU/EEA students) € 2,060
Tuition fee (NON-EU students)(specification) € 7,800


Physiotherapy at SaxionOur International Physiotherapy School, fully taught in English, is accessible to foreign students from any country. The programme has a duration of four years. Graduates obtain the Dutch diploma and are presented with a Bachelor degree in physiotherapy

Why would you like to become a physiotherapist?

Physiotherapy is a varied and interesting profession where you will work with your hands, your mind and your heart. You are expected to bring theory into practice with the right motivation to help people.

As a physiotherapist you will meet many types of patients and just as many different diseases, all needing their own type of therapy. Most physiotherapists are enterprising, sportive and energetic persons. They have wide interests and strong social skills. They like working with people and are not afraid of making contact with them. They are disciplined, systematic, and medical subjects appeal to them.

What do you think, does this profession appeal to you and are you motivated to become a good and dedicated physiotherapist?

Why you should study Physiotherapy at Saxion!

Physiotherapy and Physiotherapy Education in The Netherlands are well known over the world. The choice to study physiotherapy in The Netherlands is a good one and will offer you excellent background and a diploma that is recognized internationally. 

The specialty of our International Physiotherapy School is the personal approach and our investment in personal contact with and guidance of our students. We have a special international team of teachers to guide you through your study and stay in Enschede. Besides their profession as a physiotherapist and an expert in their own field, they take time to teach and counsel you in everything you need to successfully finish your study and become an excellent physiotherapist. During the studies, you have a great deal of personal contact with teachers and fellow students. 

Additionally, there is an optimal digital learning and working environment. This enables you to get into contact with others online and can find a great deal of information about the course.

Study Career Counselling

Study career counselling is counselling at individual level and in groups. You learn to fill in your studies in your own way and in accordance with your ability. You do not only gain insight into designing your studies and your competencies, but you are also prepared for life-long learning. Physiotherapy is a changeable professional field and the professional practitioner has to be able to move along in this.

Truly international

Our International Physiotherapy School has a high standard for internationalization for over 20 years. This shows amongst others in the presence of many foreign students, foreign projects, in which both Dutch as well as foreign students participate, but also through the way Saxion designed her education of physiotherapy according to international measures. A striking example of our international presence is the fact that there are students from 17 different countries in one class. Besides that, there are large foreign networks and agreements with international partners where we see the exchange of both students and teachers. Internationalization is also an important issue in research projects and clinical training. All of this contributes to an international development of the profession.


The objectives of the study are to gain the knowledge and skills of Physiotherapy, and to reach a certain level of personal development. This allows you to practice as an independent professional, with a general versatility, after graduation. The course contains a mix of theory and practical education. You will learn the basics of the functioning of the human body (anatomy – neurology - internal medicine), disorders caused by psychological problems which influence the daily activities of the patient and practical skills in order to treat the patient.

In order to develop your professional competences, the curriculum focuses on: Physiotherapy at Saxion

1. The Physiotherapist as a care provider:
o screening, diagnosing, planning
o therapeutic interventions
o preventive intervention
2. The Physiotherapist as a manager:
o organising
o enterprising
3. The Physiotherapist as a developer of the profession:
o research
o innovation

Year one

The first year is all about gathering information about your future profession. 
We start with communicating with a client and the basis of evaluation and treatment. The main subjects in the first year are Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Physiotherapy theory. You will also gain practical experience during your first traineeship.  

Year two 

The second year will focus the treatment of bones, muscles, tendon and joints. 
You will learn about neurological disorders and treatments and internal medicine

Year three

In this year you will further explore the subjects you have already discussed in the first two years. Besides you will work on a project where you will develop a product (e.g. new treatment, change in managing a practice, different client communication) for the physiotherapy field which actually can be used in practice. 

Year four

The final year will see you complete your internships.

Curious about the subjects you will be studying? View here a more detailed overview of the course content.

Clinical education

The clinical education, which covers approximately one of the four years, can be done in one of several countries. The school has developed an extensive network of affiliated clinical sites in the Netherlands, Norway and Germany. We also offer the possibility to participate in very interesting projects in other continents like South Africa, Indonesia and India. Students are expected to go abroad for their clinical education, including their home country. To enable an adequate placement, students are expected to bring in at least one clinical education address.

Next to the generic Physiotherapy curriculum, Saxion has a specific focus on “Musculo Skeletal Physiotherapy” (manual and sports physiotherapy), “Rehabilitation for Patients with Chronic Diseases” and “Labour & Health”. Interesting projects and intensive collaboration with the professional field are based on these specialisms.

Minor Musculoskeletal

The minor deals with manual therapeutic and sports physiotherapeutic diagnostics and treatment.
plan. It  is an introduction in the manual therapy and in the sport physiotherapy. Next to these themes you will follow a research program.

In physiotherapy, a differentiation in professional areas in pursued. This minor supports the differentiation to musculoskeletal indications, to which the specializations of manual therapist and sports physiotherapist can be linked.

More information

For more information, please download the brochure about the Physiotherapy programme.

Application for the year 2018-2019 will open on 1 October 2017. You can apply if you meet the general entry requirements and the additional requirements set for this programme. 

Additional requirements

Senior secondary school (biology and/or physics are recommended). In addition, you need a good understanding of English in reading, writing and speaking. For Irish students a Leaving Certificate containing at least 6 exam subjects of which 2 have been completed on a higher level with the grade A, B or C, or H1-H4 is necessary.  

Application procedure

The application procedure for 2018-2019 consists of the following steps:

Step 1: Registration in Studielink and provide Saxion with necessary information

Step 2: Assessment - Motivation letter - Interview

Step 3: Confirmation of your selection

Note: valid registration and taking part in the selection procedure is only possible if both steps 1 and 2 have been completed successfully before 1 April 2018! Please read the complete procedure carefully  

Physiotherapy at Saxion

You have a great variety of career possibilities with the Physiotherapy course. Saxion students learn how they can add economic and social value to professional practice as practitioners starting out in the profession of physiotherapy. They are able to continue to learn and develop in the future.

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