Bachelor in Software Engineering

Course typeBachelor
Course sectorIT
Course duration4 Years
Starting dateSeptember 2016
DegreeBachelor of Science
Tuition fee (EU/EEA students) € 1984
Tuition fee (NON-EU students)(specification) € 7800

Saxion students Software Engineering in the labThis programme, together with Business Information Technology and IT Service Management, is part of the Bachelor in Information & Communication Technology. 
During the first term you get introduced to all 3 tracks within the programme, which leads to a selection of only 2 tracks in the second term. At the start of term 3 (second semester) you choose your specilisation in one of the three tracks. For more information, see 'course content'. 


About Software Engineering
Keen to design and develop creative applications? Within Software Engineering you will learn to design and develop software: from idea to realization. Learn all about subjects such as: programming, databases, the Internet, designing and developing methods for software, web applications, mobile applications, server-side software, search engines, system architecture, networks, security etc. You can specialize in different subjects such as Big Data Technologies, User Experience Software or the Internet of Things.

About Information & Communication Technology
Ordering tickets for a concert, applying for a student loan, calling your friend who is away on a study trip – this and more can all be done online nowadays. You can even participate in meetings online, and you can buy groceries without leaving the house. IT specialists play a key role in keeping such day-to-day activities running smoothly. Today’s big discovery is often old news by tomorrow, with one development following another at breakneck speed. The opportunities within IT are becoming more diverse all the time, and users are making ever-greater demands. 

Within Information Technology, we help you to become the IT specialist of the future. Our three IT courses are an excellent preparation for a dynamic career in which you will be required to actively keep pace with these developments. You can choose from the following three courses: Business IT, IT Service Management and Software Engineering. In the software Engineering course you will earn all about software development, from idea to realisation.

Taster day
Do you want to experience Software Engineering? SE offers you the possibility of a taster day. A student will guide you. Together you will visit theoretical an practical classes in the field of materials, collection and buying. Please contact Ms. Anouk Lomans. She will give you the name of a student and together you will plan a suitable date for the taster day.

Overview for year 1
Term Content
  An introduction to all 3 specialisations:
Term 1 Business Information Technology IT Service Management Software Engineering
  Choose 1 of these combinations:
Term 2 Software Engineering + Business IT IT Service Management + Business IT IT Service Management + Software Engineering
  Choose your specialisation:
Term 3 Business Information Technology IT Service Management Software Engineering

First and second years
The first semester of your degree revolves around gaining a general overview and an orientation within the three courses. You are introduced to the three different courses within Information Technologies. After the first semester you can choose the course that is right for you. You will spent the next one and a half years studying subjects which are directly related to the course of your choice. You will attend lectures and seminars, and work in projects.

Third and fourth years
The third year will start with an internship. This is the opportunity for you to gain practical experience. After your internship you specialize in your domain by choosing elective modules, which will complete your third year. In the first semester of your fourth year you take a deepening or broadening minor course. You will complete your studies with a graduation project at an IT department or a (IT) company.

More information 
Check the following resources to find out more about the programme of Software Engineering:

Degrees in The Netherlands are based around the credit system. What are credits? You are awarded a number of credits for each assignment, exam and traineeship that you complete. Each credit is equivalent to a study load of 28 hours. You are expected to earn 60 credits every year. This means that an academic year is equivalent to a study load of 1,680 hours. This should give you a reasonably clear idea of the amount of time involved in completing your degree successfully.

The course Software Engineering is run by the School of Creative Technology (ACT) and is taught in English. If you decide to follow one of the courses, you will be studying together with many international students. You will have a great time combining learning, student life and studying with people from different cultures.

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By the time you graduate, you are fully prepared for a career in the world of IT. You will understand the latest innovative technologies and you will know how you can apply these technologies in practice for end users. Thanks to the huge demand for IT specialists, a wide range of jobs are within your reach. You could set to work within the IT department of a large organization, within a specialized IT company or you could start your own business.

Software Engineering job opportunities: software architect, project manager, software developer, tester, software analyst

You could decide to look for a job in The Netherlands, but you could also launch your career in your home country or elsewhere. As an IT specialist, you will be welcomed with open arms anywhere in the world. It’s up to you to decide where you want to build your career. And if you prefer to continue with your studies, that’s no problem. In The Netherlands, there are plenty of opportunities to further expand your knowledge.

You have to meet our general entry requirements to enrol in this programme.

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