Bachelor in Fashion & Textile Technologies

Course typeBachelor
Course sectorTextiles & Fashion
Course duration4 years
Starting dateSeptember 2019
DegreeBachelor of Science
Tuition fee (EU/EEA students) € 2,083
Tuition fee (NON-EU students)(specification) € 7,800

‘The future of fashion is materials,’ according to trend watcher Lidewij Edelkoort. This is exactly how Saxion's Fashion and Textile Technologies (FTT) programme distinguishes itself from other textiles and fashion programmes in higher education. Professionals from the fashion and textiles industries with a passion for textile materials will help you get ready for a rewarding job in this international sector.

The Fashion and Textile Technologies programme

The Fashion and Textile Technologies (F&TT) higher education programme is unique in its focus on the future. At the end of the programme, you will have obtained a Bachelor of Sciences degree and know exactly how to apply your knowledge and skills in the international fashion and textiles industry. The future is all about innovation – and when it comes to innovation, Saxion is at the cutting edge.

The time to get serious about such themes as sustainability and corporate social responsibility is now. This programme will teach you everything you need to know about textile materials, innovative production methods, building a collection, buying, selling and – last but not least – entrepreneurship. Thanks to your knowledge of products and materials, you will be a vital link in the chain between designers, manufacturers and consumers. Interior and fashion designers will rely on you for specialist knowledge and feedback. The future is also about new applications for materials, from solar cells in jackets to innovative re-use of textile waste. The future of fashion and textiles is yours – and so are a sustainable future and a healthy climate.

What will you be learning?

FTTThe Fashion and Textile Technologies programme offers plenty of opportunities for you to discover and develop your talents, whether they lie in the field of materials (technology), collection (creativity) or buying (commercial). A broad foundation course will teach you all the ins and outs of textiles. You will then choose a specialisation with the help of a minor, internship, Living Technology project and graduation assignment.

Your portfolio will focus on such topics as:

  • Materials (technology): Which materials are required to manufacture these sporting goods? Can consumers wear them in wet weather? Do they allow them to charge their iPhones? How do I test this?
  • Collection (creativity): How do I build a collection for a new police uniform? Which pieces will the uniform consist of? How can I make a police officer exude authority and yet look cool at the same time? Is the uniform comfortable to wear and nice to look at?
  • Buying (commercial): Where will I buy these jeans or this carpet? How do I ensure I buy responsibly and sustainably? How much should it cost? Does this guarantee the right levels of quality and customer satisfaction?

For those of you who have a broad range of interests, this approach will allow you to create a combination of designs. However, you can also specialise in a specific area. Whatever you choose, textile materials form the common theme in this programme. This type of specialist knowledge will be your calling card for a multitude of companies both at home and abroad.

International focus

The fashion and textiles sector is very internationally-oriented. As such, English is a key subject throughout the Fashion and Textile Technologies programme. The school disposes of a wide international network. There is a wealth of choice when it comes to internships abroad, exchange programmes and graduation assignments with our partners all over the world – from fashion houses in Switzerland to textiles manufacturers in India.

Fashion and Textile Technologies is so much more than a fashion programme. This unique and multi-faceted higher education programme is offered exclusively by Saxion in Enschede. Do you want to find out more? Visit our inspirational open day!

Fashion and Textile Technologies in figures

Starting date: September
Theory: 40%
Practical and group assignments: 45%
Study career counselling: 15%

Trial day

Do you want to experience Fashion and Textile Technologies? FTT offers you the possibility of a trial day. A student will guide you. Together you will visit theoretical an practical classes in the field of materials, collection and buying. Please contact Ms. Florien Ticheler. She will give you the name of a student and together you will plan a suitable date for the trial day.

This four-year degree programme will turn you into a fashion and textile specialist. During your studies, you gain first-hand experience of working in the industry and you specialize by choosing a topic that is best-suited to your talents.

First and second years

In the first two years, you start by laying a broad foundation for the rest of your studies. You set to work on projects related to Buying, Materials and Collections and attend a wide range of lectures on topics including textile basics, business management and marketing. You also work on your linguistic and financial skills. Each term is dedicated to a particular theme: Into The Future, Purchasing, Collections or Materials Concepts.

Top Talent Programme

From the second year onwards, you can apply for the Saxion Top Talent Programme. This gives you the opportunity to further develop your talents in preparation for an easier and smoother transition to a research university. Keen to know more? Read all about it at Top Talent Programme.

Third and fourth years

In your third and fourth years you study your chosen topic of Buying, Materials or Collections in more depth by doing a minor, spending five to six months as an intern, and doing your Smart Solutions Semester (SSS).  During this semester you work in interdisciplinary teams on assignments from companies or one of our Knowledge Centres, implementing technological developments in your field. You also have the possibility to create a collection: Creative Fashion & Textile Product Development. These collections will be presented semiannually during a Saxion Smart Solution Event. Here you and your group will display your home-made fashion collection on the catwalk. Besides you’ll show videos about the innovations that you have implemented in the collections, For example: fruit leather or paint with rust. Your degree concludes with your graduation thesis.

A team of several enthusiastic lecturers, many of whom have worked in the textiles sector, will teach you using modern real-life business cases in a challenging and inspiring learning community with state-of-the art facilities. Lessons are held in a fantastic new building with lots of glass and light, providing a home base for around 700 enthusiastic Dutch and international students who are keen to immerse themselves in all aspects of today’s world of textiles.

The lecturers are very helpful in sharing their knowledge and experience, whilst encouraging your personal development as well. The course programme is varied, comprising a mix of lectures, seminars, practical sessions and projects, ensuring all the material covered is directly relevant to practical situations in the textiles business.

First of all you have to meet the general entry requirements. Besides that, the following applies to all students wanting to enrol in Fashion & Textile Technologies.

You should of course be interested in clothing and textiles. And on top of that you should be interested in different cultures, you have to speak English fluently and you should have the ambition to go global. Since you work in a trendy environment some trend awareness is necessary. In the clothing and textile industry you definitely need to have some commercial affinity.

The FTT certificate and the Bachelor of Science qualification is your ticket to applying for roles at national or international companies in the textile and apparel industry.

Careers for fashion and textile specialists

Fashion and Textile Technologies is a broad-based fashion and textile degree which opens up many different career avenues. As an FTT specialist, you have an understanding of the characteristics of all textile materials and you know exactly how you can use those materials in fashion and fabric applications.

As a graduate of Fashion and Textile Technologies you can set to work as, for example:

  • a buyer for a major fashion chain, such as H&M
  • a product developer at an interior design company;
  • a quality manager for a fashion brand;
  • or a materials engineer for a well-known apparel brand such as Nike.

Which companies could you work for?

As an FTT expert you can work in many different roles in the fashion and textile sector. It is also possible to start your own business, such as developing performance apparel for example.

Continuing your studies after the Fashion and Textile Technologies degree programme

Would you like to continue your studies after the Fashion and Textile Technologies degree programme? No problem! You can choose from various master programmes, including Saxion’s Master in Innovative Textile Development. It’s also possible to study for a master degree another European city, such as in Manchester or Aberdeen where you can choose a master programme specifically focused on the commercial, technical or creative aspects.

Fashion and Textile Technologies graduate Silke van der Velde rents out gala and cocktail dresses through her online shop

Silke van der Velde, oud-studente Fashion and Textile Technologies, in her webshopOur former student Silke van der Velde has been blazing a trail with her company Women flock to her online shop to buy dresses for special occasions, particularly during the festive season in December!



Fashion and Textile Technologies graduate Roos Herder designs funky hijabs for the modern Muslim woman

Roos Herder,former student Fashion & Textile Technologies, Saxion "For one project, we had to come up with an innovate design for Muslim women. We hit upon the idea of a water-repellent hijab. Very interesting. Looking at social media, I saw that many modern Muslim women abroad wear very trendy clothes, for instance in the US, England and Dubai. In the Netherlands, this is still a niche market. Moreover, the hijab has a rather negative connotation here. I did some research into this, because I wanted to form my own opinion. That lead to me designing hijabs which combine faith with fashion."


Floor van Nieuwamerongen (fourth-year student)

"It's a broad programme which prepares you for a variety of jobs in the textiles sector. Once I've completed my studies, I would like to find a job as a buyer or product manager with a leading clothing brand."

Lianne Ruijs (fourth-year student)

"It's a broad programme which deals with all aspects of the textiles sector and manages a good balance between theory and practice. If you have a feeling for fashion and management, this is the right programme for you."

Before starting your bachelor in Fashion and Textile Technologies (F&TT), you are invited to participate in a Study Choice Check. Saxion refers to the study choice check as a compulsory intake for all applicants.

Why a consultation?

It is important to choose the degree programme which suits you best. The Study Choice Check is to examine the extent to which there is a match between you and the F&TT programme.


You will receive an invitation on your personal e-mail address to complete an online assessment in your own time. In this assessment you will find questions on various matters, for instance about your motivation. Also, your lingual and analytical skills will be covered in the assessment. The results of the assessment will be used to provide you with a personal advice.

Personal advice

You will be given personal advice from your Study Career Counsellor, which will take one of three forms:
A: There appears to be a good match.                                                            
B: There appears to be a sufficient match, but support and extra guidance are required.
C: There appears to be an insufficient match, we advise you to reconsider your application for this particular programme.

Please be aware that completing the Study Choice Check is compulsory (it is part of our admission requirements), but the type of advice (A, B or C) you receive has no influence on your admission. You will not be admitted to any degree programme without a complete study choice check. In addition, you must meet with the admission requirements and further admission conditions before you may participate in a Saxion degree programme.

If you have any questions about the study choice check, please contact the Admissions Officer for Fashion & Textile Technologies, Florien Ticheler by sending an e-mail to

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