Art & Technology

Course typeExchange
Course sectorArt & Technology
Course duration5 months
SemesterFall (Sept. - Jan.) & Spring (Febr. - Jul.)
For partners ofSchool of Creative Technology

Film studio Saxion Art & TechnologyApps, animations, interactive television and social media: they are all perfect examples of creative solutions that have been developed in recent years. You find them all over the world. New technological developments are emerging at breakneck speed and are being applied creatively to produce new ideas. But who thinks up these ideas? And how? Within Art & Technology, you learn about the processes behind devising such technologies. And who knows, you might be thinking up brand-new concepts yourself in a couple of years’ time.

The Art & Technology course forms part of the Creative Media and Game Technologies degree. In this course, you learn how to apply new techniques to create new forms of communication and subsequently develop new, interactive concepts. You take account of customer wishes, of course, while drawing on your own creativity as a specialism. Because as an Art & Technology student, you are – needless to say – extremely creative. In addition, you are curious, inventive and open-minded.


Title Art & Technology
Bachelor programme CMGT, Art & Technology – School of Creative Technology, Saxion
Semester Spring 2016 (February-July), Fall 2016 (September-January)
European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) 30 ECTS (1 ECTS = 28 hours)
Language English
  • Bachelor year 2 or higher
  • English B1-level (IELTS 6)

This exchange programme is meant for students of partner universities/programmes of Saxion Art & Technology or Saxion Gaming studies.

Minor Content

In the exchange programme of Art & Technology you can choose subj ECTS of the first, second or specialisation face. Depending the requirements of your home university or level of your education.

The following subjects are offered:

Year 1
Semester September
Quartile 1: Project Creative Solutions (3 ECTS), Graphic Design 1 (3 ECTS), Video Production (3 ECTS), Web Technology (3 ECTS), Media & Communication (3 ECTS)
Quartile 2: Project Costumer Rules (6 ECTS), Animation (3 ECTS), Programming (3 ECTS), Customer & Users (3 ECTS)

Semester February
Quartile 3: Project Creative Teamwork (9 ECTS), 3D production (3 ECTS), Creative proj ECTS & Collaboration (3 ECTS)
Quartile 4: Project Exhibition (9 ECTS), Graphic Design 2 (3 ECTS), Innovation & Trends (3 ECTS)

Year 2
Semester September
Quartile 1: Project Creative Technologies (6 ECTS), Evolving Technology (3 ECTS), Web Technology 2 (3 ECTS), Experimental Interfaces (3 ECTS)
Quartile 2: Project Trans Media Storytelling (6 ECTS), Content Creation 1 (3 ECTS), Content Creation 2 (3 ECTS), Content Design (3 ECTS)

Semester February
Quartile 3: Project New Start-up (6 ECTS), Visual- & Interaction Design (3 ECTS), Value Design (3 ECTS), Concept Design (3 ECTS)
Quartile 4: Project Fusion of Art & Technology (15 ECTS)

Year 4
Semester September and February
Quartile 1: Focus on Innovation 1 (5 ECTS), Individual Focus 1 and 2 (5+5 ECTS)
Quartile 2: Focus on Innovation 2 (5 ECTS), Individual Focus 3 and 4 (5+5 ECTS)

Career prospects

Upon completing your studies, you will be employable in the world of art & technology both as a generalist and as a specialist. You will be able to look for a job in The Netherlands, or in your home country if you prefer. It is a degree which offers numerous international opportunities. You will be ready to fulfil a linchpin function in an industry where creativity, innovation and technology play a leading role. Possible positions could include, for example:

  • creative director
  • concept developer
  • project leader
  • media designer
  • web developer
  • interaction designer

Other possibilities could be to set up your own company or go it alone as a freelancer.

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