Industrial Engineering & Management

Course typeExchange
Course sectorBusiness
Course duration5 months
SemesterFall (Sept. - Jan.)
For partners ofSchool of Business, Building & Technology

The Exchange programme Industrial Engineering & Management aims to offer international students a semester programme of 33 ECTS to develop their competencies in the field of strategy development, entrepreneurial behaviour and change management. Within these themes you will learn how to analyse, design, and optimize organizations and business processes. You will also learn how to effectively implement these changes. As a professional in industrial engineering and management you combine knowledge from the fields of business and technology. You use models and techniques to systematically analyse a company's strengths and weaknesses, and implement the necessary improvements. By doing so, you make organizations and business processes more efficient. You optimize quality, maximize profit, minimize risk, and improve the competitive position of an organization. You will also learn how to carry out proposed changes in regard to the consequences for the organization, staff, finance, and market position.

The Exchange semester Industrial Engineering & Management consists of eight taught modules.

Leadership (4 ECTS)
In this module you will learn about management as well as how to do management. You can name the current trends and and issues facing managers/entrepreneurs, explain why people resist change and how resistance might be managed and explain the major components that determine group performance and satisfaction. Additionally, you will discuss the challenges managers face in motivating (groups of) workers, describe different motivation theories and show behaviour that is effective at negotiations, listening and conflict management.

Strategy Development (4 ECTS)
In this module you will learn about the fundamental aspects of strategy development. You will develop a strategy, write a business plan and will learn to you some common strategy and business analysis tools.

Technology Management (4 ECTS)
In this module you will develop knowledge and skills in the field of technology and process management. You will learn how to use technology management tools based on some specific subjects like: technology audit, technology exploration, process management, technology roadmap and strategic management of technology.

Entrepreneurial Behaviour (4 ECTS)
In this module you will learn about the field of opportunity recognition, -evaluation, -exploitation. This module is all about recognizing organizational problems and their opportunities and threats.

Change Management (4 ECTS)
In this module students you will learn about implementation of organisational improvements and changes. You will  learn to assess what needs to change in the organisation (regarding external opportunities and threats as well as the company’s own strengths and weaknesses) and how this change can be implemented.

Innovation management (5 ECTS)
In this module you will develop knowledge and skills in the field of describing and analysing innovation in terms of product, process and market innovation and management issues related to these subjects. You will combine all this in a innovation plan.

Strategic Innovative Entrepreneurship (5 ECTS)
In this module you will learn about translating strategy and business models into quality of processes and concrete business plans, with the use of creative techniques.

Dutch Business Culture & Language (3 ECTS)
In this module you will become familiar with the Dutch culture, the history of the Netherlands, and will learn to speak some basic Dutch phrases.

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Entrepreneurial managers and industrial engineers can be found in various positions, generally in a technical business-to-business environment.