Digital marketing

Course typeExchange
Course sector
Course duration5 months
SemesterSeptember 2019, February 2020
LocationDeventer, Enschede
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During this minor, the website or webshop is the central marketing tool.During this minor, the website or webshop is the central marketing tool. A digital strategy that helps you to achieve higher returns and higher positions in search engines. A digital strategy that helps you to achieve higher returns and higher positions in search engines.

Also making a website user-friendly and using online marketing resources are topics that will bediscussed. With Wordpress and Magento you, together with your team, create the ideal partner website for or

In addition to gaining knowledge about internet marketing techniques, you will apply your skills, practically. In the first instance, you acquire knowledge about the digital landscape. Then you set up an internet strategy for your own or partner website. This minor works together with leading companies in the field of digital marketing from Twente, in the Netherlands. You can gain knowledge and experience at Limesquare and Adwise.

With the modules Digital Knowledge, Digital Strategy, Digital Concept and Digital Marketing, you lay a solid foundation for your knowledge. By excursions, presentations and lectures you will delve further and further into each subject. The creation, construction and marketing of a webshop / website is part of the minor. By using the right strategies, you learn to achieve the highest possible conversion for your web shop.

An overview of the minor:

1. The Digital Marketing Landscape (Digital Knowledge)3 ECTS

As a starting point of the minor, all students get 3 weeks to master the possibilities of Digital Marketing. This is done by means of a test (which tests knowledge) and an assignment where the relevant channel has to be applied for one’s own idea.

2. Develop a Digital Strategy Process 3 ECTS

The minor offers a more intensive knowledge of the strategic process. In addition to additional models that are used in digital issues, the student must develop a strategy which, as a starting point of the project, must also make the strategy measurable on the basis of the digital scorecard / KPIs.

3. Installs Digital Marketing tools (1) 3 ECTS

On the basis of previous analyzes and strategies, the students must set up the prescribed channels (SEO, SEA & Social Media) before the website goes live. In addition, the student introduces various measuring instruments.

4. Apply the Digital Marketing Design Process (Digital Concepts) 3 ECTS

The students of the minor go through the same steps of the design process. However, the steps are not pre-conceived here and the students must develop a design based on a user survey.

5. Understands the basic technique of HTML and Wordpress (Realization 1) 3 ECTS

As a Digital Marketer, you should understand the possibilities of a website and make possible changes to a website. For this reason, students have to follow an HTML course and they independently develop a Wordpress website.

6. Improve website performance (Conversion Optimization) 3 ECTS

Through self-study, the minor also requires students to obtain a minimum of 3 Google certificates, including the Analytics certificate. On the basis of this knowledge, short-term studies are carried out with the help of Google Tagmanager and Hotjar. Improvements are made on the website based on the outcomes.

7. Analyze the added value of the resources (Digital Marketing 2) 3 ECTS

By applying Digital Marketing, the student must improve the result of the website on the basis of a number of assignments. Through analyzes, they also ultimately determine the added value of the product. In addition, there is a critical reflection in which one's own work needs to be examined.

8.  Independently develop solutions for Digital Marketing issues (Assessment Digital Marketer) 3 ECTS

Based on previously obtained Google certificates, the supervisors enter into a personal interview with the students. They test how a student would act in a specific situation in the field of Digital Marketing. Here it is specifically tested whether the student has knowledge of Digital Marketing and is then able to convert that knowledge into a solution to a problem.

9.  Develop and maintain a web store (Realization 2) 3 ECTS

The students must develop a webshop within Magento. In this way they also learn the specific principles of a web store and are then able to set up their own webshop.

10.  Develop new concepts (New Concepts) 3 ECTS

The students must analyze new concepts based on practical examples. By attending interviews and guest lectures from companies, they immerse themselves in real life examples. Eventually they process the collected information in a portfolio.

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