How to create killer content

Course typeExchange
Course sectorArt & Technology
Course duration5 months
SemesterFall (Sept. - Jan.)
For partners ofSchool of Creative Technology

The development of marketing was never as fast as the last twenty years. The rise of the Internet has shook up marketing communications and created a huge knowledge and experience gap amongst marketers. The field of marketing communication has shifted from sending information to the customer to conversing with, and engaging customers.

Publishing engaging content helps to make your customer a promoter or co-creator of your product. But how to reach this? What are the secrets to creating that one viral video? Or to make your image shareable? Which tactics should you use to get your customer on your twitter stream to work together on your product? This programme gives you all the tools and tricks to create the killer content you need to engage the customer and establish long lasting customer relations.

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The exchange programme How to create killer content supplies all the courses needed to create a brilliant customer activation content strategy.  Knowledge of marketing, creativity and design are the key concepts. During the programme you will work on a project with actual companies that need an inspiring and thoroughly designed content marketing plan. You will also meet successful (content)marketeers and visit conferences on the topic of content marketing.

You can expect courses like marketing communications, Photoshop, video recording and editing, moving animation, humour and ethics, writing, create how to’s, create infographics, creativity and web monitoring and analytics.

This exchange programme is meant for second- or higher year bachelor students in the (creative) field of media, information, communication, and/or marketing. Students from other studies can also participate but it is recommended to have experience in the media industry. Please note that students must explain their personal motivation with respect to storytelling and/or visualization in terms of ambition in English writing.

Creative industries are keen on individuals with an international orientation, who are proficient in developing engaging content on a professional level. The programme How to create killer content contributes to the student’s ability to create and develop content, based on adequate research and marketing communication strategies. Students who successfully complete this programme know how to run a content marketing campaign from start till end, from strategy to design and production.