How to create a media hit?

Course typeExchange
Course sectorArt & Technology
Course duration5 months
SemesterSpring (Febr. - Jul.)
For partners ofSchool of Creative Technology

TV and film studio SaxionFormatting media into a big hit is an innovative and adventures business. Production companies and broadcasters from all over the world are always looking for young people with new ideas, new angles, new shapes and new business models. Formats such as The Voice, Big Brother and Fear Factor are well known worldwide. But how complicated is it to create the same success for media platforms like YouTube or Instagram?

The road to success is to create an innovative approach for storytelling on modern media platforms. How to become a successful storyteller on a media platform like YouTube or Instagram is a dream of many young professionals. The minor “How to create a media hit?” will help you to build your career.

In this minor you’ll analyze international formats, you’ll learn how to recognize trends in society, you’ll learn how to find and use your creativity and how to create through design thinking a new media format. And it’s your professional’s craftsmanship to make sure the format is suited for the correct target group segment.

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Minor Title

How to create a media hit

Bachelor programme

Media, Information and Communication – School of Creative Technology, Saxion



European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

30 ECTS (1 ECTS = 28 hours) or 840 study hours




Undergraduate students, irrespective of the year

  • English B1-level

Programme Content

The exchange program “How to create a media hit” supplies all the courses needed to create a potential media hit. We start with developing your talent, ambition and creativity. Adding knowledge and skills is the next step. Design thinking, exploring creativity, applying learned skills and prototyping are the next steps. All key components of this program. At first you will learn how to develop a television-format. In the second part of the program we’ll look into the world of contemporary platforms like YouTube and Instagram.


Various assessments with a total of 6x 5ECTS.

Contact Information

Sarah Bosch