How to create a TV format?

Course typeExchange
Course sectorArt & Technology
Course duration5 months
SemesterSpring (Febr. - Jul.)
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TV and film studio SaxionTelevision influences our daily lives and the way we look at the world. People depend on television as a source of information and entertainment. The formats created in the Netherlands find their way across the globe, impacting the lives of millions. With groundbreaking formats such as The Voice, Big Brother, 1 vs. 100, Deal or no Deal, Utopia and Obese, The Netherlands rank among the top five of TV format producing countries. On the global market, Dutch companies such as Endemol and Talpa are well known players. Besides our thriving media industry, The Netherlands provides an innovative environment for creating and testing new shows in any genre.

Recently a paradigm shift took place in the television industry. Networks experience new competition in the race for consumer’s attention. A good example is the introduction of streaming video services such as Netflix. But that’s not all: research indicates that half of all smartphone and tablet owners use their devices while watching TV. That raises the question how a television format can incorporate this second screen.

Creative industries are keen on individuals with an international orientation, willing to develop formats to inform or entertain others. Individuals with knowledge of the history of television, aware of tomorrow’s trends. In this programme, students learn what it takes to turn an idea into a TV format. Knowledge of narrative structure and the principles of drama are essential in the process of communicating an idea.


Minor Title

How to create a TV Format?

Bachelor programme

Media, Information and Communication – School of Creative Technology, Saxion


Spring 2016 (February-July)

European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

30 ECTS (1 ECTS = 28 hours) or 840 study hours




Undergraduate students, irrespective of the year

  • English B1-level

Programme Content

In teams students will develop a TV format for the Dutch commercial broadcast network, guided by lecturers of the Bachelor programme Media, Information and Communication. As a concept is green-lighted by a jury of professionals, the team will shoot a pilot episode. Students will work in teams on their project, follow courses to enlarge theoretical depth, attend film festivals that take place during the programme and meet show runners, product designers, editors and other professionals in the media business.

Media, Information and Communications provides courses in all of the relevant disciplines, such as project management, script-writing, visual technology, drama, psychology, economics, marketing and research. Guest speakers extend the curriculum with their experience in television business and the most trending topics within the creative industry.


  1. An assessment
  2. A report in which the format is substantiated with deskresearch and fieldresearch 
  3. A TV format in concept (green-lighted by a jury)
  4. A pilot episode (green-lighted by a jury)
  5. A pitch, in which the TV format and the pilot episode will be presented

Contact Information

Sarah Bosch