Immersive Media

Course typeExchange
Course sectorGaming, Art & Technology, Engineering
Course duration5 months
SemesterFall (Sept -Jan) and Spring (Febr - Jul)
For partners ofSchool of Creative Technology

Saxion student with VR-glassesIn the semester Immersive Media students get 5 months to work full-time with new and interesting types of technologies to design and create solutions to real-life problems found in the creative industry. These solutions will normally take the form of a product or prototype in the areas of virtual/augmented reality, animation, (embodied or digital) gaming, visual effects, etc.

You will work in teams with other students from different disciplines under the guidance of a coach. Within these groups you will choose a role that fits your current knowledge and skills but also allows you to learn new topics.

The result of the semester should be a relevant and interesting professional portfolio item, new skills, new knowledge and new contacts within the creative industry.

Students Immersive Media Saxion programmingAt the beginning of the semester we will organize several project startups with partners from the creative industry. Based on these start-ups, you will choose a project you would like to join. Within the semester you will work in the CMGT Saxion Immersive Media lab.

You will meet your coach weekly to discuss the planning, group dynamics and client contact. You will also actively engage with the client by inviting them for periodical meet-ups where you discuss your planning and progress. During the semester you will, together with your coach, organize expert workshops and lectures on topics of your interest. These expert sessions could be on technical specific topics (e.g. concept art or cloth physics) or things like project planning, scrum or concept presentations.

At the end of the semester you will present your work to the client and the other semester participants. Based on the quality of your product/prototype, we will also aim to get as much publicity about the project as possible.

Assessment Methods

Project report and presentation
Main grade: 1-10
Based on a group report and presentation you will get a main grade (the same for each of the group members).

Peer Assessment
Grade adjustment: -1, 0, +1
Three times during the semester you will fill in a peer assessment form about your group members. This will be done on certain predefined topics. The peer assessment is meant for constructive feedback and self-reflection and the results will be used at the end of the semester for a grade adjustment.

Oral assessment
Grade adjustment: -1, 0, +1
In the oral assessment you will discuss your personal contribution to the project in terms of knowledge and skills. Based on your contribution you will receive a grade adjustment.

Reflection report
Sufficient/not sufficient

The reflection report is a short document written about your professional attitude and role within the group. It will reflect back on a document you made at the start of the semester. The reflection report should be sufficient to be able to finish the semester.

For admission to this programme, potential participants must have successfully passed the propaedeutic exam of a study program related to one of the following fields: computer science, gaming, creative media or visual arts.

Your level of English should be at least B2.

Before registration you need to apply and get approval from the course director at Saxion UAS first. Please send your application to Mr. Matthijs van Veen ( including:

  • CV (including fields of study, skills, working experience)
  • Transcript of Records

A Skype conversation is also part of the procedure. You can add Mr. van Veen to your Skype account: matthijsvanveen.

Mr Matthijs van Veen
Phone: +31 (0) 6 190 739 76

The Myron Project is a collaboration between students of the degree programme CMGT (Creative Media and Game Technologies) of Saxion University of Applied Sciences and the technology leaders The Virtual Dutch Men, Xsens, Manus VR and XMG. The students are given 5 months to create an 8 player arena shooter experience, in which two teams of 4 players try to outplay each other.

Watch the video on the Myron Project on YouTube >>

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Students Immersive Media Saxion programming